AIP: Addressing Harmful and Aggressive Behaviors

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Name of Organization AIP: Addressing Harmful and Aggressive Behaviors
Age Range Adults
Services Offered Addressing Harmful and Aggressive Behaviors
Phone Number 703-228-1513
Fee for Service? Yes, sliding scale

Virginia Certified Batterers Intervention Program. The Arlington County Abuser Intervention Program (AIP) is facilitated by the Department of Human Services and is committed to working toward the goal of ending domestic violence and abuse. The AIP program does not offer therapy or counseling, their role is closer to that of a teacher. AIP staff present information which can help people end their abusive and violent behavior. Abuser Intervention is much more than anger management. AIP serves the abusive partners in a relationship. Participants may be referred by the Courts or they can self-refer.


2120 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22204

Accessible by public transportation? Yes
Are services short or long term? (Please check all that apply.)
  • 2 hours weekly for 18 weeks
What languages are available for service delivery?

English, Spanish

Interpretation available? Yes