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Arlington County’s Project PEACE (Partnering to End Abuse in the Community for Everyone), is a coordinated community response dedicated to advancing the most effective and efficient array of education, prevention, protection, and support services to end domestic and sexual violence in the community. 

The efforts of Project PEACE aim to enhance the safety of victims, hold abusers accountable for their actions, and improve the well-being of Arlington County citizens and visitors impacted by interpersonal violence. Project PEACE members work together to ensure the availability of and access to: 

  • A responsive police department; 
  • Legal options and supports that support survivors and hold perpetrators accountable; 
  • Medical support and forensic evidence collection; 
  • 24/7 advocacy services that provide hotline, shelter, crisis intervention and hospital accompaniment support to victims and survivors of abuse; 
  • Short and long term mental health supports; 
  • Housing and financial assistance; 
  • Youth and adult focused prevention efforts to end violence before it begins and 
  • Specialized supports for minors, immigrant communities, people with disabilities and the LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, +) community. 

To learn more about our current efforts, check out Project PEACE’s Strategic Plan the 2021-2024 Blueprint for Progress  and the Project PEACE Governance Practices

To learn about past successes and challenges, view our annual reports:

Project PEACE Members

Project PEACE is hosted by Arlington County Department of Human Services and is managed in a culturally competent manner by a diverse membership. Representatives from local government, law enforcement, judiciary system, nonprofit organizations, faith community, health care providers, and citizens come together to create a collaborative that is larger and more impactful than any one institution. Project PEACE members include: 

Trainings and Technical Assistance

Project PEACE, and their members, are available to provide trainings and technical assistance regarding preventing and intervening to reduce sexual, domestic and dating violence with adults and youth. To learn more or request a training, please email info-projectPEACE@arlingtonva.us 

Arlington Restaurant Initiative (ARI)

In an effort to increase safety for citizens and to provide restaurant owners and staff with resources to maximize their safety and viability, the Arlington County Police Department has partnered with County agencies to establish the Arlington Restaurant Initiative (ARI). Project PEACE developed the Bar Bystander sexual assault intervention training which is a requirement for restaurant staff that wish to be accredited in the ARI program. Learn more about the program here

Arlington Safe Havens Supervised Visitation and Exchange Program

The Arlington Safe Havens Supervised Visitation and Exchange Program provides a safe and secure environment in which parents with court ordered supervised visitation can have contact with their children and where safe exchanges between parents/families and children can occur. The program will provide services for families who have been affected by domestic violence, child sexual abuse, stalking, dating violence and sexual assault. Safe Havens is located at Arlington Department of Human Services. This is a three-year grant funded program awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women. If you have questions call 703-228-7483

Arlington’s Healthy Relationships Task Force (HRT)

The Arlington Healthy Relationships Task Force (Arlington HRT) is a group of students from all of the Arlington high schools who meet monthly to raise awareness about sexual assault and healthy relationships. The Task Force promotes awareness through educational campaigns, monthly meetings and outreach efforts throughout Arlington County Public Schools. 

The ultimate goal of HRT is to give students a voice and an opportunity to actively spread awareness and make changes in Arlington to improve relationships between students and eradicate sexual assault. HRT membership is open to Arlington youth age 14-21. Join us today to promote positive relationships and end violence in Arlington. 

Project PEACE supports HRT’s efforts by providing resources, adult/community support and subject matter expertise. 

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To learn more and to get involved, email Ashley Blowe at ABlowe@arlingtonva.us.  

History of Project PEACE

Project PEACE is a county-wide effort to prevent, identify and respond to domestic and sexual violence. Project PEACE was formed in 2006 by state senator Barbara Favola. In 2008 Project PEACE was organized into a committee structure to implement the coordinated community response to domestic violence. The coordinated community response (CCR) approach is recognized as a best practice across the United States. In 2015, Project PEACE further expanded its scope to include services for youth victims of dating and sexual violence. 

Connect with Project PEACE

For more information about Project PEACE email: info-projectPEACE@arlingtonva.us 

Stay connected by following Project PEACE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ArlProjectPEACE