Outreach and Activities – Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

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Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Outreach and Activities

MRC Outreach activities in Arlington County focus on both community public health and emergency preparedness outreach. The Arlington County Medical Reserve Corps (ACMRC) supports the mission of the Arlington County Public Health Division (ACPHD).

ACMRC’s trainings support these activities while allowing volunteers to be active and enhance their skills. No prior training or experience is required. Volunteers are trained in communications, outreach, and presentations by our Health Educator. She works closely with MRC team members to hone their outreach skills.

Additionally, ACMRC volunteers are trained to assist with other activities – clinics, school vision & hearing screenings, mass dispensing, and treating outbreaks of disease. They also help public health staff practice our emergency operations plan (EOP) through exercises. Our annex to the EOP is Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 – Public Health and Medical Services.

Arlington County MRC volunteers have assisted with the pandemic flu (pH1N1) in 2009, Ebola, and Winter Storm Jonas. Our Health Director recognizes ACMRC volunteers as our surge capacity for public health emergencies and disasters involving public health. Because of their help, we are a more resilient community.

Community Outreach & Activity Examples

  • ACMRC info tables at community events, recruiting new members
  • Arlington County Fair
  • Assisting school health with vision & hearing screenings
  • Assisting with public health emergencies (e.g., disease outbreaks, bioterrorism, power outages, and hurricanes)
  •  Community flu education presentations
  • Neighborhood festivals
  • Community presentations on a variety of emergency preparedness and public health topics
  • Family Fun Days
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Flu clinics
  • Food safety education
  • Health clinics and fairs
  • Housing fairs
  • Nutrition & exercise education
  • Ongoing staff support (e.g., administrative assistance and medical records review)
  • Public health outreach through projects and events promoting healthy living (e.g., flu etiquette, immunizations, HIV/AIDS education, and food safety)
  • Public Health Week
  • Vector control information & education
  • Walkabouts with WalkArlington
  • World AIDS Day
  • Working with agencies on emergency preparedness and response activities