Hotel/Motel Health Permits


New Construction or Remodeling – Plan Review

Prior to construction, submit plans for new or remodeled establishments along with the Hotel Plan Review Application(PDF, 160KB) and $40.00 fee. You may submit these online using the ePlan Review portal. For more information, visit the Arlington County Permit Office’s website Commercial Building Permit Submission Requirements.

Applying for a License

The Environmental Health Program requires a Hotel Permit Application (2022(PDF, 190KB)) and pre-opening inspection for new establishments or whenever there is a change of ownership. The Environmental Health Program may issue additional permits for on-site restaurants, continental breakfasts, swimming pools, and spas.

Hotel Permit Application (2022(PDF, 190KB)): submit to Environmental Health Program via email, mail, fax, or in-person. We are unable to process incomplete applications.

$40 processing fee: submit check or money order to Environmental Health Program by mail or in-person. Make payable to Treasurer, Arlington County and include Hotel name in “for/memo” section. You may pay by credit card over the phone.

An information update(PDF, 139KB) and $40.00 renewal fee are due December 31 each year.


Hotels and motels are inspected to determine compliance with health and safety laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and to initiate enforcement procedures when necessary. See Virginia Sanitary Regulations for Hotels.


For more information on cleaning and disinfecting for norovirus, check out these resources from the Virginia Department of Health:

Visit the EPA’s website for a list of products effective against norovirus.

Bed Bugs

For tips on preventing bed bugs while traveling, visit our bed bug page.

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