Clarendon House

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Contact Clarendon House

For general mental health service information and screening call 703-228-5150. If you'd like to find out more about Clarendon House and the services offered, contact Monica Augustenborg at 703-228-0244.

The program is always looking for volunteers to teach computer skills, run exercise groups and help with special events. 

If this is a mental health emergency, please call Emergency Services now at 703-228-5160.

Clarendon House is a community based rehabilitation program working with adults with serious mental illness. The program provides a wide array of services to clients. These include psycho-education, advocacy and case management, medication and psychiatric care, and recreational programs.

The program offers an extensive psycho-educational curriculum to assist in the enhancement of independent skill building, decision-making, recovery, wellness and increased functioning.

Comprehensive case management and crisis intervention services include home visits, assistance with financial entitlements, apartment searches, assistance with medical issues and resources, and continued assistance with community resources and entitlements. The program includes a psychiatrist and nurse to provide continued education and assistance with symptom management, medication and medical issues. The Clarendon House provides an evening and weekend program to assist clients in developing independence in leisure skills.

Contact Clarendon House: For admission and general mental health service information, call 703-228-5150.

Friends of Clarendon House

The Friends of Clarendon House, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting the goals of Clarendon House. They are a group of concerned citizens who take a special interest in the Clarendon House program. They seek to provide information, education and support to the residents of Arlington County regarding mental illness. They raise funds for the program, assist and sponsor community events, and advocate for improved community mental health services. For further information, please contact Clarendon House at 703-228-5236.

The mailing address for Friends of Clarendon House, Inc. is PO Box 40395, Arlington, VA 22204.