COVID-19 Materials Toolkit


Helpful Printables and Online Files

Please make use of the following materials at home and, in the community, to help spread valuable information on staying as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virginia Department of Health’s Print Resources, Infographics & Translated Materials

Together We Can Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Together we can stop Covid poster(JPG, 528KB)

Together we can stop Covid poster(JPG, 929KB)

Together we can stop Covid poster(JPG, 852KB)

Face Coverings Required Beyond This Point

In accordance with Executive Order Sixty-Three, Virginians are required to wear face coverings in public indoor settings.

Face coverings required poster(JPG, 316KB)

Face coverings required poster(JPG, 389KB)

#StopTheSpreadDMV Graphic Downloads

Easily download and reuse these convenient graphics either online or on your print materials, to help raise awareness of the campaign to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Governor Ralph Northam requires Virginians to wear face coverings in public indoor settings to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, effective Friday, May 29, 2020. More information.

See more face covering graphics on this page.

Masks Protect yourself and others(JPG, 964KB)

Masks(JPG, 955KB)

Together we can Stop the Spread, do your part, stay six feet apart(JPG, 1MB)

Poster with text 'You're safer at home, limit nonessential trips'(JPG, 999KB)

Poster with text 'You're safer at home, limit nonessential trips'(JPG, 999KB)

Safer At Home Poster(JPG, 993KB)

If you feel sick, stay at home psoter(JPG, 942KB)

Information About Cloth Face Coverings

 VDH Please Wear a Face Covering Posters

Wear-a-Mask-Posters_Page_1-scaled.jpg(JPG, 314KB)

PDF | Image(JPG, 314KB)

Spanish PDF | Image(JPG, 329KB)

Wear-a-Mask-Posters_Page_3-scaled.jpg(JPG, 299KB)

PDF | Image(JPG, 299KB)

Spanish PDF | Image(JPG, 312KB)

Please wear a cloth face covering

please wear a cloth face covering and maintain a distance of 6 feet when possible
PDF flyer | Image(JPG, 307KB)

cloth face coverings information
PDF flyer | Image(JPG, 372KB)

How to Safely Wear and Take Off a Cloth Face Covering

A guide to how to wear your face covering face covering correctly.

Poster for how to safely wear and take off cloth face covering
PDF flyer | Image(JPG, 295KB)

Mask Up, Virginia!

Cloth face coverings can help protect the people around you.

Mask up virginia

Steps to Stop the Spread

Information on the critical steps every person can take to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
SIx steps to stop the spread poster available in:

These instructions from the Arlington Public Health Division and Department of Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management tell you what to do if you are sick or have symptoms, or what to do if you come into close contact with someone who is sick. Following these steps will limit disease spreading in your home and community.

Resources for Renters

Learn how COVID-19 issues are being addressed in apartment buildings, what to tell a landlord, see eviction guidelines, and other information regarding rent payments and more.

Viral Tests: What do your results mean?

Learn what a viral test for COVID-19 is, the meaning of positive and negative tests, and more in this infographic.

Two page PDF graphic 

Viral Tests: What do your results mean?

Be a Coronavirus fighter

This picture book by Songju Ma Daemicke and Helen H. Wu teaches kids how they and their families can do their part to be virus fighters.

View book in PDF format

Be a Coronavirus fighter

How To Practice Resilience

Greater Richmond SCAN created these two colorful handouts which include 20 creative ways to build resilience, including links to external resources.