Fentanyl Awareness Day

Fentanyl Awareness.png


May 7 is National Fentanyl Awareness Day, an annual awareness building day meant to bring communities together to help put an end to fentanyl poisoning.

Last year, over 70,000 Americans fatally overdosed on illegally made fentanyl. This is an urgent public health crisis that puts all of us, and our loved ones, at risk. We all must play a role in preventing further tragedies. 

Parents, Guardians, and Teen Mentors, please watch this 30-minute documentary, the New Drug Talk** and take 10 minutes to have a conversation with the teens in your life using this simple discussion guide:

**TRIGGER WARNING: Please note that there will be families discussing the loss of their teens from overdose in this film.

After you’ve watched the film, share your thoughts, and see the reflections of your community using this word cloud.





For additional resources and support visit these websites: