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Join the Arlington Network for Community Readiness (ANChoR) and help your community prepare for and respond to an emergency! Or sign up for the Disaster Volunteer Registry (DVR) to be a volunteer resource for your community during an emergency.

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Disaster Volunteer Registry

The Disaster Volunteer Registry is a list of community members age 16 and older who live or work in Arlington who would like to assist during a large-scale emergency when additional resources are needed. There is no training required, and members are invited to attend most ANChoR trainings and social activities. All members will be vetted through state/federal sex offender registries.

  • Mission: Recruit the community to pre-register to volunteer during an emergency.
  • Training: No training is required. Members are invited to participate in most ANChoR trainings and social activities.
  • Expectations: DVR members are expected to participate in one notification drill per year (to let us know that you are still in the area and want to be involved)
  • Communications: A monthly newsletter will be sent to your email on file with updates and upcoming events. You can adjusts your subscriptions at any time.


ANChoR volunteers are community members over the age of 16 who work or live in Arlington and want to help prepare their community for an emergency and serve when a disaster occurs.

  • Mission: Support the Office of Emergency Management in educating and assisting Arlington for emergencies.
  • Training: Volunteers must complete 16 hours of online and in-person training
  • Roles: Volunteers help to prepare their community through outreach & education, and provide critical support to OEM during an emergency

What ANChoR Does

  • Build Readiness – ANCHoR volunteers help to prepare the County for emergencies through outreach, education and community projects, including:
    • Staff tables at fairs and outreach events
    • Conduct canvassing and mass outreach campaigns
    • Lead preparedness discussion and workshops with their Civic Association or community group
  • Provide Critical Support – Volunteers support OEM, both in our day-to-day functions and during emergencies, including:
    • Service as note-takers, facilitators, and actors during exercises
    • Staff Volunteer Reception Centers
    • Support the Emergency Operations Center

ANChoR Training

All Core Volunteers must complete about 16 hours of Core Training Requirements. Most of these trainings can be completed online, and can be verified by submitting a certificate of completion. We offer in-person options for these trainings throughout the year as well.

Upcoming Events

More events coming soon!