Virtual Until Help Arrives Training

Virtual Until Help Arrives (UHA) training teaches you to help yourself and others in emergencies like mass shootings while waiting for first responders. You'll save lives and be the help - Until Help Arrives.

The three modules of this course describe preventable causes of death and skills to save lives. Note that graphic images are depicted in course content. 

Virtual training is required before attending in-person hands-on-practice classes.

UHA Class Recording: Section 1 – Bystander Role, Mental Preparedness, 4R’s Intro
UHA Class Recording: Section 2 – Stopping Bleeding; Tourniquets, Wound Packing and Pressure Dressing
UHA Class Recording: Section 3 – Protecting the Airway and Breathing, Preventing Shock and Hypothermia, Calling 911

Hands-on practice is required after virtual training to complete the full UHA course. Please visit the UHA homepage for a class schedule and registration.

Anyone age 14+ is welcome at UHA classes, though minors are required to have a parent/guardian present.

Review In-Person Slides

Click on the link to download course content if you'd like to review them at home or to follow along with the virtual class. 

Additional Materials

Additional videos are below to assist with your learning (WARNING: May Content Graphic Images).

Arlington County Fire Department’s Dr. Reed Smith, Operational Medical Director, developed Until Help Arrives in collaboration with the County's Department of Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management and Arlington CERT.