Until Help Arrives

Be the help until help arrives

For any incident, like the Las Vegas massacre to the Boston Marathon bombings, citizens play an important role in saving lives in the minutes following an attack. It is imperative to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to help our community save lives until our professional responders can arrive. Attend this class to learn how to recognize violent activities, respond safely, provide immediate rescue tactics to the injured, and report them to 9-1-1efficiently. The skills you will learn are transferable to countless situations involving traumatic injury, which include car accidents, household injuries, or an active shooter. Learn how you can be the help, Until Help Arrives.

About the Training

Anyone who lives, works, or volunteers in Arlington can sign up for Until Help Arrives (UHA) training. This course is provided by Arlington County Emergency Management (ACEM) and the Arlington Community Emergency Response Team, a program of the Department of Public Safety Communications & Emergency Management (PSCEM). Attend this class to learn how to be prepared for and respond to life-threatening situations and injuries.

UHA provides fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to help us save lives until our professional first responders arrive.

Learn simple skills to use in in emergency situations, like how to:

  • Maintain situational awareness
  • Identify key life threats
  • Stop bleeding
  • Move and position the injured
  • Provide psychological support and comfort to the wounded

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Calendar UHA Free Training

  • Complete Curricula (4-Hour Class)Thursday, September 28, 2022. By, the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System. Two offerings:

*Take the Online Course or complete curricula class before the Hands-on Practice.

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Community groups (e.g. community-based organizations, citizen groups, faith-based organizations) can request on-site training using this form.



Have you been to the class and used the skills that you learned? Let us know! Contact oem@arlingtonva.us

How is Until Help Arrives making a difference in our community? Take a look and see what the 200+ people are going to do after taking the course:

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