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Until Help Arrives (UHA) provides the foundation that enables you to assist others who are severely injured in high-threat events. The three course sections prepares you to help yourself and others survive a mass casualty event, an event where the number of wounded people temporarily exceeds the resources we have available to us.

This course describes four (4) preventable causes of death. It also explains how having these types of life-saving skills widespread in our community helps us respond even better to the emergencies we face in everyday life.

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WARNING: Graphic Images. 

UHA Class Recording: Section 1 – Bystander Role, Mental Preparedness, 4R’s Intro
UHA Class Recording: Section 2 – Stopping Bleeding; Tourniquets, Wound Packing and Pressure Dressing
UHA Class Recording: Section 3 – Protecting the Airway and Breathing, Preventing Shock and Hypothermia, Calling 911

In order to fully complete the Until Help Arrives training, the hands-on practice is required. Please visit the UHA homepage for schedule and free registration.

*Age 14-17, parents attendance required.

Arlington County Fire Department’s Dr. Reed Smith, Operational Medical Director, developed the course collaboratively with: DPSCEM and the Arlington CERT.

Additional Materials

Additional videos are below to assist with your learning (WARNING: May Content Graphic Images).