Civil Engineering Plan Review

Civil Engineering Plan Review and Approval Process

The Department of Environmental Services‘ Development Services Bureau handles Civil Engineering Plan review and the approval process.

Note: The CEP MAC checklist has been updated. The update is effective for all projects submitted for acceptance after Jan. 31, 2024. See the list of changes(PDF, 77KB).

Minimum Acceptance Criteria and Guidelines

A pre-submission review includes checking plans for the minimum acceptance criteria that make up a complete plan for submission. Civil engineering plans (CEP) need to meet the CEP Minimum Acceptance Criteria (MAC – updated December 2023). As-built plans need to meet the as-built minimum acceptance criteria (updated July 2018).

Electronic Civil Engineering Plan Submittal

Civil engineering plans must be submitted online.

Types of projects:

  • By right
  • Use permit
  • Site plan
  • Form based code by right
  • Form based code use permit

All of the following may be required to be included in the Full Civil Engineering Plan (CEP):

  • Dry utility
  • Erosion and Sediment control (E&S)
  • Fire protection
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
  • Signal design
  • Stormwater management
  • Street lighting
  • Striping and signage
  • Traffic signal
  • Wet utility

In certain circumstances, E&S and MOT plans can be submitted separately from the CEP. For questions, contact the DES Civil Plan Review Coordination team.

Fees will be calculated by the civil plan review coordinators and are due with the second submission of the CEP. See CEP Fee Schedule.

Tree Protection Plan:

  • tree protection plan may be required based on a project’s conditions. Approval of this plan will be handled by the Urban Forest Manager through the Civil Engineering Plan (CEP) review.