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The Permit Arlington Center (PAC), associated phone support, and building + trade inspections will be unavailable on Wednesday, July 17th due to an all-staff meeting. On Thursday, July 18th phone support and building + trade inspections will resume at 8:00 a.m. and the PAC will reopen at 9:00 a.m.

To quick search, type the name of your permit, application, or a related term. For example, “Accessory Dwelling Permit” will appear as a result of entering accessory dwelling, Airbnb, inlaw suite, etc.

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  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management utilities 
    Digging Miss Utility Program
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management utilities 
    Discharging Chlorinated Water
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Environmental Permits Overview
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Explosives and Blasting Permit
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Land Disturbing Activity / Stormwater Permit Overview
  • businesses commercial-residential-building food-events land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Publicly-Accessible Temporary Outdoor Seating Area (PATOSA) Permit
  • commercial-residential-building land-disturbance-stormwater-management other-permit-application-types 
    Fire Permits & Reports
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Stormwater Management Ordinance