Permit Library: Permit & Application Types

If you've encountered a problem with Permit Arlington since the launch of building, trade, and Land Disturbing Activity permits on June 28, we are currently experiencing response delays due to the volume of requests for assistance.  

We are tracking Known Issues online and encourage you to check the webpage to see if your issue has already been reported. The webpage also includes links to additional resources and information about workarounds.

Thank you for your patience as staff works to correct these issues.


To quick search, type the name of your permit, application, or a related term. For example, “Accessory Dwelling Permit” will appear as a result of entering accessory dwelling, Airbnb, inlaw suite, etc.

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  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management utilities 
    Digging Miss Utility Program
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management utilities 
    Discharging Chlorinated Water
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Environmental Permits Overview
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Explosives and Blasting Permit
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Land Disturbing Activity / Stormwater Permit Overview
  • businesses commercial-residential-building food-events land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Publicly-Accessible Temporary Outdoor Seating Area (PATOSA) Permit
  • commercial-residential-building land-disturbance-stormwater-management other-permit-application-types 
    Fire Permits & Reports
  • land-disturbance-stormwater-management 
    Stormwater Management Ordinance