Landscape Plan Application

Many development projects in Arlington require landscape plans that adhere to County regulations and best practices in urban design and urban forestry. For detail, review the Arlington County Landscape Standards Reference Guide.

The following project types require landscape plan review:

  • Site Plan – all projects require review per site plan conditions
  • Use Permit – some projects’ conditions will require review
  • Form Based Code – all projects require review
  • By-Right – plan review may be required depending on the development standards of the zoning district, as a condition of Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) approval, or if associated with a parking plan. For specific guidance about when landscape plans may be required, consult the Zoning Ordinance.

All projects disturbing 2,500 sq. ft. or more of land require a Land Disturbing Activity (LDA)/Stormwater permit, which is a separate review and permitting process. LDAs also require landscape plans.

Submission Requirements

Landscape plan applications must be submitted online.

  • You must submit a Landscape Plan Application in Permit Arlington.
    • From the Create drop-down menu, select Planning Application.
    • View Permit Arlington Help for assistance with the online system.
  • 24 in. x 36 in. plan size
  • Comment/response memo, if applicable (for plan revisions only)


Scheduling Inspections

When all elements represented on the approved landscape plan set have been installed, including streetscape plantings, hardscape elements, green roofs, furnishings, lighting, etc, the applicant must notify staff to schedule an inspection: Laura Shaub,

If the landscape plan accompanies a Certificate of Occupancy application, staff will notify the applicant about scheduling an inspection.


Fee Schedules provide the range of fees charged for each type of application or activity related to land development in Arlington. Fees cover permitting, plan review, enforcement, inspection, service delivery, performance agreements and conditions. There are separate fee schedules for Inspection Services Division (ISD), Zoning and the Department of Environmental Services (DES). Some permits involve fees from more than one schedule.