Filing Deadlines for Use Permits & Minor Site Plan Amendments

The following filing deadlines apply to special exception use permits and minor site plan amendments only.

New site plan and major site plan amendments follow a separate filing process. Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) use permit and variance applications follow a different filing schedule as well.

Tentative County Board Filing Schedule – 2022-2023

Use Permit and Minor Site Plan applications must be submitted in their entirety, including providing all necessary application materials and payments, by the Final Filing Deadline dates listed below in order to be heard at the corresponding County Board Hearing date. Applications missing necessary materials and/or payments will not be processed until all necessary application materials and/or payments are provided, which will result in being moved to a later County Board Hearing date.


The County Board and Planning Commission Hearing schedule will be confirmed and adopted after the County Board Organizational meeting in January, 2023.

¹Form Based Code administrative application submissions are accepted on a rolling schedule.