Environmental Permits Overview

Depending on the size and location of your project, you may need environmental permits in addition to building permits. Environmental permits are intended to reduce pollution from sediment runoff and manage stormwater runoff and use of the County right-of-way.

Size of Project

Will your project disturb 2500 square feet of land, or more? If so, you will need a Land Disturbance/Stormwater Permitwhich helps to manage pollution during construction and stormwater runoff after construction.

If the area of land disturbance associated with multiple, separate projects within a 2-year period meets the 2,500-square-foot threshold, this permit is also required.

Location of Project

Is your property near a stream or in the floodplain?   You may need a Resource Protection Area (RPA) or floodplain permit/review. A permit is required when a development proposal is partly or entirely with an established RPA.

Will your project require any work in the County right of way (sidewalk or street), or connection to a County maintained structure on private property?  Excavation Right-of-Way Permit is required for installation, connection, repairs of utilities and/or any work performed within the County right-of-way (sidewalk, curb and gutter, driveway apron, gas, electric, etc.). Right-of-Way permits are also required when a connection is made to a County-maintained storm or sanitary sewer structure (manhole, inlet, etc.) within private property.

Will your project require blockage of the road, sidewalk or parking meters, because of a dumpster, crane, trailer (for construction or delivery) or other equipment?  You may need a Transportation Right-of-Way Permit, a Moving Van/Container Permit or an Oversize/Overweight Transport Permit.