Elevator Permit

Permit Arlington is displaying incorrect Issued and Expiration dates for PIE/PIEE Certificates of Compliance. To correct the dates, you must pay the fee, pass inspection, and email isdelevators@arlingtonva.us, including the PIE number(s) and/or property address.

An Elevator Permit is required for the installation and alteration of elevators, escalators, and material or personnel hoists. If you are unsure whether a permit is required, contact the Inspection Services Division by email or phone: 703-228-3874.

Elevator Permit applications must be submitted online via Permit Arlington

Permit Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements

  • Review online submission guidelines, which include document sizing and layout, standard file naming conventions, and file type requirements.
  • Based on the permit holder and applicant for your project, you may be required to upload a Permit Authorization Affidavit.
  • If there is an associated Building Permit, you will need to provide the permit number. The Building Permit must be issued prior to the submission of the Elevator Permit.
  • Some residential properties are considered commercial per the Building Code and therefore may require a Commercial Building Permit. Determine whether your project is considered residential or commercial.
  • Contractor permit holders should use the contractor company name, not an individual’s name.
  • New installations require the submission of Registered Design Professional (RDP)- or Professional Engineer (PE)-stamped drawings showing equipment layouts, shafts, pits, and elevator machine rooms.
  • Modernizations or alterations/upgrades (non like-for-like replacements) that include structural changes; major modernizations where machines, motors, etc. are being replaced; or changing from overhead machines to MRL installations require PE-stamped drawings. Non-structural drawings do not require PE stamps. Please include specifications (cut) sheets for all items relative to the scope of work.
  • Like-for-like repairs require the submission of specifications (cut) sheets for all parts being replaced and/or for materials used for all items relative to the scope of work.
  • Maintenance agreement repairs that fall under a maintenance agreement require the submission of a copy of the fully executed agreement.
  • Fully executed contracts (signed by all parties) must include a Statement of Work pertaining to the scope of work and a cost proposal/total contract cost relative to the scope and specific to conveyance systems.
  • Abbreviated contracts are acceptable; however, they must include a cover page (contractual parties), scope of work, cost proposal, and signature page(s).


State License Specialty Requirements

A state licensed contractor must possess at least one of the below specialties to install, modernize or repair a conveyance system in our jurisdiction:

  • EEC – Elevator, Escalator Contracting (the most common cert): For both commercial/residential installation and modernization of elevators, escalators, vertical platform lifts or wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters, temporary construction lifts (men & material/just material)
  • EMC – Equipment/Machinery Contracting: For temporary construction lifts (men & material or just material lifts)
  •  ASC – Accessibility Services Contracting: For private residence elevators
  •  LULA – Accessibility Services Contracting: For wheelchair lifts, incline chairlifts, dumbwaiters, private residence elevators, and limited use-limited application (LULA) elevators.

More information.

Permit Application Process

Application Process

Step 1: Apply Online

Step 2: Completeness Check

  • Applications will be checked for completeness within 2 business days.
  • If incomplete, the applicant and all email contacts provided on the application will be contacted by email with an attached letter explaining what is required. 

Step 3: Review and Revisions

  • Commercial projects take up to 3 business days to review.
  • Residential projects take up to 2 business days to review.
  • Review times do not include completeness check or final processing windows.
  • Depending on the scope, some projects may not require further review and will proceed to final processing immediately. 
  • The applicant and all email contacts provided on the application will receive an email with any review comments.
  • View the Permit Revisions webpage to learn how to respond to comments and revise plans or documents. 

Step 4: Final Processing

  • After required reviews and revisions are completed, contractor information will be verified and permit fees will be calculated within two business days. 
  • The applicant and all email contacts provided on the application will be contacted by email with any required changes or with fee information.
  • To pay the fee, enter the permit number into Permit Arlington Online Payment. See help guidelines for adding contacts to a permit.  

Step 5: Approvals and Printing

  • Once payment is received, you will be able to download a digital copy of the permit through your Permit Arlington account.
  • An approved plan set will be available within approximately one business day, also accessible through your Permit Arlington  account.
  • The applicant is responsible for printing the permit and plan set. Construction may not begin until permits have been approved and posted.
  • View printed plan set requirements.
  • Any changes to the plans after permit issuance will require revisions to the permit application or to the approved plan set. If the changes result in alterations to an associated Building Permit, revisions to plans should be submitted under the Building Permit. 

Scheduling a Permit Inspection

Once your permits have been approved, you must schedule inspections to ensure the safety and proper progress of the project.

Scheduling Inspections

  1. Log in to Permit Arlington.
  2. Search for the permit number in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click on the permit number. Note: only permits that are issued awaiting inspections can schedule inspections.
  4. Click on "Record Info"
  5. Click on "Inspections"
  6. Click on "schedule or Request an Inspection"
  7. Select the day of the inspection and provide your contact name and phone number. Note, we cannot provide a day or time window for the inspection while scheduling it. 
  8. The inspection scheduler will contact you to coordinate the date and time of the inspection.

If you need to schedule multiple inspections, or inspections across different permits, you will need to follow the steps for each inspection and permit separately. 

Checking and Printing Results
  1. Log in to Permit Arlington.
  2. Enter your PIE number in the search bar.
  3. Click on the appropriate PIE renewal number (ex: PIE0928-REN2). Renewals are used to track each year's inspection cycle. You must create a renewal each cycle. 
  4. Click on "Record Info".
  5. Click on "Inspections".
  6. Scroll down to Completed and click View Details with the most recent inspection date. 
  7. Click on View Result Comments to display the history of the inspection requests, results, and comments.
  8. Click on the print button to print inspection results comments. 

Periodic Inspection Elevator (PIE) and Periodic Inspection Elevator Escalator (PIEE)

The Inspection Services Division (ISD) no longer processes mailed-in checks – all payments must be made online.

Expand item #3 below (Pay Fees and Request an Inspection) for a step-by-step guide.

All existing Periodic Inspection Elevator (PIE) records have been migrated to Permit Arlington. Migrated PIE records are considered Legacy Records and retain their original naming conventions (ex: PIE1234). New records generated in Permit Arlington will use a new naming convention (Ex: PIEE22-12345). If you're requesting a renewal for a PIEE record, you may skip Step 1 (Link Legacy Records). 

All certificates expire on the 28th day of a specified month – the month and day are constant and do not change or reset. The County issues the Notice of Required Certification and Invoice for Inspection of Equipment by mail, 90 days prior to your certificate expiration date (three months before expiration). 

In order to complete this process, follow the steps below or watch a step-by-step walkthrough video

1. Link Legacy Records

Before you begin, you must have a PIE/PIEE invoice mailer (see below for an example). 


Step 1: Log In to Permit Arlington

Step 2: Begin Building Application

  • After you've logged in to your Permit Arlington account, click Create and select Building Application.


  • Select Building Legacy Record Link, followed by Continue Application.


Step 3: Link Legacy Records 

  • In Permit Arlington, complete all sections marked with a red asterisk. 


  • In the Legacy Record Number field, enter the Periodic Inspection Record Number (Ex: PIE0000) from your PIE/PIEE invoice mailer. Do not include any spaces.   
  • In the PIN Code from Mailer field, enter the PIN (Ex: 11AA1-000000-01A11) from your PIE/PIEE mailer.


  • The Applicant Name and Address fields should auto-populate.
    • If those fields don't auto-populate, you may still need to complete your Permit Arlington registration. 
  • Select the Confirmation checkbox and click Continue Application. 

Step 4: View Linked Records in Permit Arlington

  • The records are now linked to your account and visible in My Records.


2. Request Renewal

A renewal is required in order to pay fees as well as schedule and track inspections. Your payment cannot be processed until the renewal step is complete. 

Step 1: Log In to Permit Arlington

Step 2: Locate PIE Records in Permit Arlington

  • Click Home and select My Records, which will display all records associated with your account. 


  • Locate your PIE record. In the Action column,  click Request Extension/Renewal. 

3. Pay Fees and Request an Inspection

You must pay the annual inspection fee prior to requesting an inspection. Permit Arlington will not allow any inspections to be scheduled if fees are still due. The inspection fee covers two inspections:

  • One initial inspection
  • One subsequent reinspection, if necessary. 

Additional inspections will incur a reinspection fee that must be paid online prior to scheduling. Canceling a scheduled inspection with less than 24 hours notice will result in a rejected inspection and count against two inspections. If the County’s inspector does not have access to perform the inspection, or if any of the appropriate parties (property’s elevator contractor, building engineer, electrician, etc.) are not present for the inspection, this will also result in a rejected inspection and count against two inspections.

Step 1: Log In to Permit Arlington

Step 2: Locate PIE Records

  • Click Home and select My Records, which will display all records associated with your account.
  • Your PIE record number will include an REN number (Ex: REN2). As PIE/PIEE inspections are due, Permit Arlington will automatically prompt you for the renewal.
    • Legacy Records ex: PIE1234-REN1
    • Records created in Permit Arlington ex: PIEE22-12345-REN1


  • Locate your PIE record. In the Action column, click Pay Fees Due
  • Payments can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) or eCheck.
  • There is no additional fee when paying via eCheck.
  • Credit cards are subject to a 2.5% fee. Debit cards may only be used if processed as a credit card and are subject to the same fee. 

Step 3: Return to My Records

  • Once payment is complete, you should be redirected to My Records. If not, click Home and select My Records. 
  • Locate your Renewal Record. In the Record Number column, click on your number.  
    • Ex: PIE0000-REN2
    • Renewal numbers increase as the years progress (Ex: REN1, REN2, REN3, etc.)


Step 4: Request an Inspection

  • From your Renewal Record, click on Record Info and select Inspections. 


  • Click on Actions and select Schedule. 
  • Do not click Schedule or Request an Inspection.


  • The date you select online is a preferred date and is not guaranteed. 
  • The County's third-party elevator inspections contractor will coordinate with the property contact(s) and provide an official inspection date. 

4. Certificate of Compliance (after passed inspection)

The Certificate of Compliance will be available once the PIE/PIEE passes its annual inspection. 

Step 1: Log In to Permit Arlington

Step 2: Locate PIE/PIEE Certificate of Compliance 

  • Click Home and select My Records, which will display all records associated with your account.
  • Click on the Renewal record
  • Click on Record Info
  • Click on Attachments 


Temporary Use Certificate (Temporary Construction Use)

Temporary Use Certificate (Temporary Construction Use)

An inspection for temporary use (construction use) certificate must be requested via email: isdelevators@arlingtonva.us.  Provide the permit number, project address and car number(s) that require an inspection for temporary use. Once requested, the County's third-party contractor will coordinate with the permit holder and/or the state licensed elevator contractor to provide an official inspection date.  If the temporary use inspection is approved, the County will assess the temporary certificate fee – see Fee Schedules, Inspection Services Division (ISD) Fee Schedule, page 5, Temporary Certificate fee.  When the fee is assessed, the permit holder/associated contact that applied for the permit will receive an email notification via Permit Arlington requiring the online fee payment.  Temporary Certificates are good for 90 days from approval.



Fee schedules provide the range of fees charged for each type of application or activity related to land development in Arlington. Fees cover permitting, plan review, enforcement, inspection, service delivery, performance agreements, and conditions. There are separate fee schedules for the Inspection Services Division (ISD), Zoning Division, and Department of Environmental Services (DES). Some permits involve fees from more than one schedule.