Budget & Finance

FY 2025 Operating Budget Information

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Arlington’s annual operating budget outlines spending on County programs, services and administration for the coming fiscal year, which begins July 1. The County Manager and County Board are committed to engaging the Arlington community in setting budget priorities.

Board Presentation: County Manager's Proposed FY 2025 Budget - Overview(PDF, 1MB)

Board Presentation: County Manager's Proposed FY 2025 Budget - Tax & Fee Recommendations to Advertise 

Infographic: FY 2025 Proposed Budget Overview Summary(PDF, 8MB)

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FY 2024 Adopted Budget

Mid-year / Preliminary Third Quarter Review of Fiscal Year 2024 Memo(PDF, 247KB) (4/2/24)

Infographic: FY 2024 Adopted Budget Overview Summary (English | Español)

Guide to the FY 2024 Adopted Budget (English | Español)

Read the FY 2024 Adopted Budget

Arlington's Capital Improvement Plan

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The CIP outlines planned spending on building, maintaining, upgrading or replacing County facilities and infrastructure.

The FY 2022-FY 2024 CIP is currently underway.

FY 2023 - FY 2032 Adopted Capital Improvement Plan

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Arlington Wallet

Arlington has an online financial transparency tool that makes it easier to see and understand how the County spends and receives money.

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Tax Rates

The adopted calendar year (CY) 2023 real estate tax rate has no increase over the CY 2022 rate. The CY 2023 rate is $1.03 (number includes $0.017 Sanitary District Tax) per $100 of assessed value. No increases for personal property tax, business tangible property, business and professional licenses, or the commercial transportation tax rates.

The County Manager proposes the tax rates in February of each year, and the County Board adopts the final tax rates in April of each year.

Adopted Tax Rates CY22 CY23
Real Estate Tax $1.013 $1.013
Sanitary District Tax $0.017 $0.017
Ballston BID $0.045 $0.045
National Landing BID $0.043 $0.043
Rosslyn BID $0.078 $0.078

Rate per $100 of assessed value