Proposed FY 2023 - FY 2032 Capital Improvement Plan


Arlington County Manager Mark Schwartz presented his proposed FY 2023–2032 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to the Arlington County Board on May 17, 2022. The proposal outlines $3.9 billion in investments for stormwater management and flood response, climate and environmental programs, parks, transportation, community infrastructure and more over the next 10 years. The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is the County’s 10-year plan for building, maintaining, upgrading or replacing County facilities and infrastructure. This includes  parks, community centers, technology systems, water, sewer, stormwater and transportation infrastructure—and more. Accompanying the County Managers proposal is a news release and infographic that highlights the details and importance of the FY 2023 - FY 2032 CIP.

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CIP Overview

As a result of our constrained and short-term CIPs there is significant pent-up demand for new infrastructure and maintenance of our existing infrastructure. You will see outlined below my recommendation for a $3.9 billion dollar CIP that provides a strategic approach for climate and environmental resiliency; responsiveness to evolving and emerging service demands from the community; honoring commitments from prior CIPs and making sure our infrastructure is in a state of good repair. It also reflects lessons learned from COVID in terms of how we provide services to the community and how our employees do their work.

CIP Engagement

CIP-Engagement-Inforgraphic.jpg Over 2,400 Arlington residents provided input on their top priority areas for major infrastructure investments from the CIP between February and March 2022, which helped inform key projects to include in the proposal. Through pop-up engagement events, online and paper forms, and voicemails the County Manager's Office compiled responses and developed a thorough analysis of community response. 

CIP Engagement Summary(PDF, 4MB) CIP Engagement Analysis(XLSX, 12MB)

CIP Interactive Map

CIP-Map-Image.png Arlington County’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Map, is an interactive map for the Arlington community to view completed, funded, and proposed CIP projects throughout the county. This map provides the opportunity for the community to view active projects in and around their neighborhoods and filter projects by program, category, or status. 

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CIP Dates and Materials

Before adopting the FY 2032-FY 2032 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), the County Board meets with relevant departments and Arlington Public Schools to discuss the projects included in the CIP. This section will include the presentations made at each work session and the public hearing. The budget work sessions will be held virtually.

Staff responses to the Board’s questions are posted on the CIP work session follow-up page.

Date  Time  Topic Related Documents 
May 17
 3-6 p.m. County Manager Proposed CIP Presentation
June 7
 3-6 p.m. Transportation, Metro, Debt
June 14
 3-6 p.m. Facilities, Parks, Community Conservation
June 28
 3-6 p.m. DTS, Public Safety, Stormwater, Utilities
June 28
7 p.m. Public Hearing
July 14
 3-5 p.m. Wrap-Up Worksession  
July 16 or 19
TBD CIP Adoption and Referenda Approval  

Capital Funding

The Proposed FY 2023 - 2032 CIP includes typical capital projects such as maintenance capital, parks, transportation, metro, community conservation, government facilities, information technology and regionals. The 10-year CIP includes funding that has been previously approved in prior CIPs to show the full expenditure by fiscal year of each capital project. 

Full Capital Funding Summary(PDF, 2MB)

CIP Comparison

The graphs below highlight the differences in fund allocation from the last 10-year CIP (FY 2019 - 2028) to the proposed FY 2023 - 2032 CIP.




Fy19-28-Category.png              fy23-32-Category.png



Click Here for Complete Proposed CIP for FY 2023 - FY 2032(PDF, 15MB)