Economic Development

Program Summary

The Economic Development projects are grouped into two program areas: Public Art Program and Public Benefit Spaces. For FY 2023 - FY 2032, the entirety of the Economic Development capital program is supported with existing project balances only or anticipated future developer contributions. There is no net new tax or bond support necessary at this time.

The Public Art Program is for public art projects as guided by the Arlington Public Art Master Plan. Arlington's Public Art Master Plan (adopted in December 2004; updated in November 2021) is an important tool for implementing the Public Art Policy that was adopted by the County Board in September 2000. The plan, which guides public art projects initiated by County agencies, private developers, and community organizations, establishes a vision for public art in Arlington. Specifically, it identifies basic principles for how public art should be integrated into Arlington's architecture, gathering places and landscapes. Some projects, particularly in DES and DPR, include public art as part of the base project budget. Program funding is used to implement public art in other CIP projects across the County as opportunities are identified and listed in the Project's attached spreadsheet. This funding will supplement individual project budgets to provide for acquisition, construction, or installation of Public Art as part of County facilities, parks, and infrastructure projects. The specific funding requests are to maintain the Public Art collection.

The Public Benefit Spaces Program is a program within the CIP designed primarily to identify spaces approved by the County Board as part of special exception site plans. Often, adopted Sector Plans recommend specific uses to be implemented through the review and approval of special exception site plans. Additionally, through the public process, the community may identify specific community needs and uses which are included within the approved special exception site plan. Although most of the funding for such spaces comes from private development, recognizing the public benefit spaces within the CIP allows for a more comprehensive review of all County facilities and provides a tool to ensure adequate funding to operate and maintain these facilities.

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