Arts Lab

The Arts Lab brings artists, behind the scenes technicians, creatives, and the community together for interactive learning and creative experiences. The community is invited to make art, learn skills of the arts industries, talk with artists and arts professionals about their work, and be creatively inspired.

Upcoming Events 

Check back soon for upcoming Arts Labs.

Past Events 

Audio for Theatre – February 10, 2018 | 11:00am – 12:30pmAudio for Theater picture of man performing concert

Examine the components of a typical theatre sound system: wired and wireless microphones, mixing consoles, speakers and their placement, intercom and stage announcement systems, playback systems for sound effects, and power sources. A portion of the program will examine the variety and differences in microphones and will help in the understanding on how to use the “right tool for the right job.” Audio for Theatre will not teach acoustic and electronic theory, but will focus on the practical aspects of what an audio engineer needs to know to survive in today's live entertainment environment and particularly in live theatre.

This session will be taught by Luis Chavesta who brings a wealth of experience in entertainment sound including theater, music and video production. He has toured extensively both internationally and in the US.

Incorporating Projections Into Theater – December 9, 2017

Learn new skills in incorporating projections into your theatre and performing arts productions in this FREE 90 minute hands-on workshop.  We will cover the different uses of projection in the field of theater, exhibits, and  multimedia art.  A brief tutorial will take you “from concept to implementation” focused on the equipment, software and digital resources available to execute an idea. This will all be followed by a Q & A at the end.