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Bring Arlington Arts into your own home! 


Get to know our programs and revisit past favorites with our at-home activities ranging from coloring pages to self-guided walking tours. Want to learn how to sew on a button? We have that, too!

2020 Online Programs

Book Covers: Stories Told By Artists Book Covers: Stories Told By Artists

Book Covers showcases artists and their creative processes, alongside the books and stories that inspire them. Recorded at home, or in the studio, these vignettes offer a glimpse behind the scenes into the working artist’s and performer’s private spaces, as well as each artist’s creative response to favorite books and stories. Presented in collaboration with the Arlington Public Library. Learn more.

The Potomac River poster Greetings from Our Microbiome!

The work of Arlington artist Shelly Smith focuses on microscopic life found in water and soil. The artist has illustrated five postcards, featuring the diversity of microorganisms found in five different bodies of water in Arlington, including a bog, vernal pool, and stream. Check the Arlington Art Truck Instagram or Arlington Arts’ InstagramFacebook or Twitter account July 7 – August 11 to sign up for free postcard packs we will mail to you. The pack will have a mix of color and black and white postcards of which you can color-in yourself and mail to your friends!

Bring your favorite art supplies and join Arlington Art Truck program artist Shelly Smith for a fun drawing session featuring Arlington’s amazing microorganisms in the Science Sketch Along!


Words to Art logo Words to Art Spring 2020

An Arlington Community Art Project by Sushmita Mazumdar
Monday, April 27- Sunday, May 24 2020

Give artists ONE WORD expressing your feelings and perception of the #COVID19 quarantine and watch them transform it into art! Arlington Arts will ask you to post new words every Monday for the next four weeks. Artist Sushmita Mazumdar and four other Arlington artists will turn select words from your submissions into original sketches to be posted on our social media throughout the weekend.

This project was originally designed by Sushmita Mazumdar in 2018 for Art on the ART Bus. The 2020 version takes a new angle by asking you to collaborate.

Participating artists:
Sushmita Mazumdar (Buckingham), David Amoroso (Douglas Park), Maribeth Egan (Ballston/Virginia Square), Kate Fleming (Maywood), MasPaz (Arlington Ridge)

View the completed artworks here.

Arlington Art Truck 


Arlington Art Truck Recreate the magic of the Arlington Art Truck at home with these free, printable projects designed by our resident artists from previous years.

These downloadable pages are components of the original program, restructured for at-home use. To learn about each original project, as it was designed by Arlington Arts and the artists, follow the “Learn More” links below.

Learn more about the Arlington Art Truck here.

Ties That Bind: Learn to Sew on a Button and Connect

by Lorenzo Cardim with Charlene Wallace and Angela Latson

Fall 2019

Download a Sewing Kit

Learn how to sew a button with this pocket-sized guide. There’s also space to stow a needle and thread!

Sewing Kit and Instruction Guide 8.5"x11"(PDF, 766KB)

Make your own sewing kit and follow along with this instructional video!


Music by Cinema Hearts. Video by Caroline Weinroth, Arlington Art Truck assistant and member of Cinema Hearts.


  1. Use cardstock, or copy paper.
  2. Print the PDF double-sided, and select “actual size”.
  3. Cut the corners and the marked notches.
  4. Fold vertically in half.
  5. Fold horizontally on each marked line.
  6. Once folded into a small rectangle, tuck in the top like an envelope.
Watch How to Sew a Button

Learn how to sew a button by following along with Arlington Art Truck assistant Caroline Weinroth.


About the Original Program

Columbia Pike Fall Festival

Columbia Pike Fall Festival. Photo taken by Arlington resident, photographer and volunteer at the Arlington Art Truck, Will Reintzell ( 

Artists Lorenzo Cardim, Charlene Wallace, and Angela Latson taught participants how to sew a button while building community connections.  Participants sewed fun colorful buttons of all shapes and sizes onto fabric shaped like Arlington civic associations or neighborhoods to create a map of Arlington.  During this eight week activation, segments of the map filled up with colorful buttons which collectively represent the diversity of our community. Learn more about the project and artists.

Clarendon Day

Clarendon Day

Going Native: Flora and Fauna of Arlington, Virginia

by Kate Samworth

Summer 2018

Download Coloring Pages

Explore your own backyard with coloring pages featuring the native plants and animals of Arlington.

Coloring Pages (8.5″x11″)(PDF, 1MB)


  • When printing, select “Fit” in the printer dialogue box.
  • Recommended paper: For watercolor, use cardstock. For coloring, use cardstock or copy paper.
Download Pocket Guides

This guide was originally a full color folded pocket guide that was given out at the Arlington Art Truck during Kate Samworth’s activations. It is now re-sized to fit on one sheet of 8.5 x 11” paper. You can choose it in full color or in black line art for coloring. The guide shows a few native plants grouped with some of the species they support from left to right.

Original version with full color artwork (8.5″x11″)(PDF, 3MB)

Black and white version for coloring (8.5"x11")(PDF, 615KB)


  • When printing, select “Actual size”, “Print on both sides of paper”, and “Flip on short side” in the printer dialogue box.
  • When folding, use an accordion fold, starting with the vertical folds first. Then fold into thirds so the title is on top.
  • Recommended paper: copy paper

Going native z fold flier Going native z fold flier


Interested in painting your own watercolor plants and flowers?
Watch artist Kate Samworth giving a quick instruction on a simple watercolor stroke using a flat brush.


About the Original Program

Going Native: Flora and Fauna of Arlington, Virginia, created and illustrated by artist Kate Samworth, is a folding, pocket-sized manual of some of Arlington’s native plant, mammal, and insect species. Using her artwork as a reference, participants enjoyed a quick hands-on art project examining and recreating the shapes and patterns found on selected species of plants, insects, and butterflies by using collage, watercolor and drawing. Learn more about the project and artist.

Color Your Future Garden

by Marcella Kriebel

Summer 2018

Download Coloring Pages

Learn about the gardens that grow in Arlington County with coloring pages of a map of local community gardens and seasonal seed planting charts.

All pages: 8.5″x11″(PDF, 10MB)  | 11″x17″(PDF, 22MB)  


  • When printing, select “Fit” in the printer dialogue box.
  • Recommended paper: For watercolor, use cardstock. For coloring, use cardstock or copy paper.
About the Original Program

Color Your Future Garden

Marcella provided five different black line illustrations for participants to choose to watercolor in their own way: Arlington seed planting charts that reveal the diversity of the County through a broad selection of vegetables grown in our community gardens in one of the four seasons, or a map of the Arlington Community Gardens. Learn more about the project and the artist.

Arlington Farmer's Market

Arlington Farmer's Market

Art on the ART Bus

Art on the ART Bus

Art on the ART Bus is a mobile gallery on one of Arlington County’s ART public transit buses. This unique bus features original works of art, and it rotates throughout the different routes available to ART bus passengers.

Learn more about the Art on the ART Bus program




Let’s Go to the Park

by Hannah Churn

February 2019 – present

Download Activity Sheets and Coloring Book

Celebrate active transportation and show kids how easy it is to bike and walk places – like the park! – with the “Let’s Go to the Park” coloring book and activity sheets.

“Let’s Go to the Park” Coloring Book(PDF, 5MB)  | “Vamos al parque” Libro para colorear(PDF, 7MB)
Word Search(PDF, 2MB)  | Sopa le letras(PDF, 2MB)
Spot the Difference(PDF, 4MB)  | Encuentra las diferencias(PDF, 4MB)


  • When printing, select “Fit” in the printer dialogue box.
  • Recommended paper: Copy paper.
About the Original Program

Let's Go to the Park illustration on bus

“Let’s Go to the Park” illustrations inside one Art bus that is circulating on different routes in Arlington until 2021.

This project was a collaboration with Arlington Arts, Arlington Transit and WalkArlington. These fun walk and bike safety illustrations were rendered for both the Art on the ART bus and for WalkArlington’s coloring book project, Let’s Go to the Park. Can you identify some of the distinct Arlington neighborhoods and parks in these illustrations? Hannah Churn is a Washington, DC based animator, illustrator and art director in both the non-profit and commercial fields. The creator of a comic called Palindrome, in her spare time, the artist is an avid doodler of cats. Learn more about the project and the artist.

Let's Go to the Park illustration on bus

“Let’s Go to the Park” illustrations inside one Art bus that is circulating on different routes in Arlington until 2021. 

Arlington Public Art

Dark Star Park by Nancy Holt

Dark Star Park by Nancy Holt

Discover Arlington’s award-winning Public Art Collection from home or when taking time to get some fresh air. With over 60 permanent works of public art and numerous temporary projects, there is so much to explore!

Learn more about Arlington Public Art.

Public Art Collection

Civic Sculpture with Linda Hesh

"Put the "I" into C_vic", temporary installation by Linda Hesh

Dressed up and Pinned

"Dressed Up and Pinned" by Vivian Beer

Learn about Arlington’s Public Art collection through an online catalog of permanent and temporary projects as well as upcoming projects.

Corridor of Light Rendering

"Corridor of Light", upcoming project by Cliff Garten

Tour Guides

Check out a variety of tour guides available on our website – from driving tours to walking and biking tours.

  • Public Art Collection Map
  • Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Public Art Tour
  • Virginia Square-Pentagon City-Route 1-Shirlington-Columbia Pike Public Art Tour
  • One Pager Tour Maps of Rosslyn-Ballston and Virginia Square-Pentagon City-Route 1-Shirlington-Columbia Pike
  • Visual Art Bike Tour: A 14 mile cycling tour of 21 public art projects throughout the Ballston-Rosslyn Corridor.
  • Walking Tour of Rosslyn’s Public Art
  • Video: Public Art Tour of Arlington: Public art tour with Arlington Cultural Affairs Public Art staff, May 2008

Arlington Public Art Collection Tour Guides

Sidewalk Tour Sidewalk Tour graphic

Incorporate public art on your next stroll with a new self-guided walking tour! Join Arlington County Public Artist in Residence Graham Coreil-Allen virtually on a walk through Rosslyn’s celebrated public art collection. The tour is available on Sidewalk, a free app for self-guided walks. Visit WalkArlington’s website to learn more!


Arlington Arts Grant Recipients

The Arlington Arts Grants Program is a way for the County to invest in a vibrant, equitable, sustainable and evolving arts and culture ecosystem. Read below for some ways to experience at home the work created by our grant recipients.

Learn more about the Arlington Arts Grants Program.


Jane Franklin Dance

Stream a performance

Streaming performance on demand. Learn more.

Examples of performances:

  • Going Polar Online PartyNew works created especially for the camera
    • Applied Forces: inspired by land art created at Bonneville Salt Flats by Mike Dax Iacovone and from a recent installation at Arlington Arts Center
    • Hoopla: A new work for Forty+ by Emily Crews
    • Inside Out A Part: movement in opposition transformed by place and distance with music by Monstah Black
  • The Big Meow, adapted from the book by Elizabeth Spires, is the story of an ever-hopeful fluff-ball who desperately wants to belong to the band of neighborhood cats, but is ostracized for a “loud as a lion’s roar” meow.
  • Complete DognessIncorporating spoken word, movement, music this family friendly story is about a new puppy, Barky. “Doggone it. This is a fun show!” Wendi Winters, DC Metro Theater Arts.
  • Sampler Viewing Party: Dances from a May 30, 2020 Viewing Party featuring a work by Brynna Wilder choreographed for Forty+, a 2019 dance inspired by the work of visual artist Fax Ayres, and Going Polar featuring live music by Mark Sylvester.
  • Aflight draws a picture of connections to earth and to each other. People — like animals — move to react to a push or pull in their natural habitats. As we confront global issues, we invite you to experience the real, personal journeys of the people and ecosystems in our midst.
  • Called a “smart movement-based work” (DC Theatre Scene), enjoy Beauty and the Beat at home with a video from Baltimore’s Charm City Fringe Festival, October 2019.
  • The whole family is sure to enjoy Splatter, inspired by the book by Anna Llenas “The Color Monster.”
  • Shorthanded, an “immediately compelling” (Dance Metro DC) work, visually represents stories of coming of age.

Jane Franklin Dance Video Streaming

Video Performance On Demand

Synetic Theater

Synetic Streaming

Synetic Theater has launched a new streaming service allowing viewers to stream theatrical stage productions and original films right to their home devices. Synetic Streaming has monthly and yearly subscriptions and offers a la carte rentals. Learn more.

All the World's a Stage flier Phantom of the Opera flier

Arlington Arts' Partners

Looking for more things to do? Check out our partners!

Alex Zealand

Alex Zealand, "Rats for Social Distancing", Quaranzine Issue 1

  • Arlington Parks & Recreation
    • Recreate at Home: Lots of fun activities to do at home and outside while practicing safe social distancing
    • Community Arts in Arlington: Learn how to create art with Community Arts Programmer, Jim Halloran. Featuring twenty-two family-friendly videos, including topics like Death Stars, Monet’s Water Lilies, Seascapes, Basquiat’s King Dinosaurs, and more! Art with Liz: Learn and create art with Liz! Videos include topics like Mexican Folk Mirrors, Still Life Paper Flowers, Spider Prints, and more.
    • Sensory-stimulating activities can help calm the body and mind as well as aid in self-regulation. Visit the Therapeutic Recreation Facebook page for new fun projects every week.

Art with Jim: Water Lilies

Art with Jim: Water Lilies