YRBS (Fall) 2017 Results

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Beginning in October 2017, Arlington moved away from administering a separate Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) tool and partnered with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to administer the state survey tool. Much of the core survey content remains the same, but this undertaking has allowed us to reduce duplication and survey fatigue, and align with state and national trend data.

In the fall, this anonymous, voluntary survey was administered to students in 6th-12th grade in randomly selected classes across Arlington Public Schools (APS).

Additional information about the survey can be found on our website here: Youth Risk Behavior Survey or on the VDH website here: Virginia Youth Survey.

Fall 2017 Results

Arlington Results
State, Regional and National Results

Caution should be taken in comparing these new results to past results. While many of the questions and sampling methodology were the same, there were nuanced differences in question wording (see question crosswalk for detail) and administration period (this survey is now administered in fall instead of spring).  Also, students were surveyed in 6th-12th grade – in the past only even years were surveyed. Finally, surveys were not administered to students in alternative programs (something we hope to work toward in future years).

Conversation Starters

The Partnership would love to share these results and facilitate a conversation with you and your group. Contact Partnership Coordinator Kim Durand or Data Specialist Rebecca Hjelm to set up a presentation.

Here are some sample questions to consider when reading through and discussing the YRBS results.

  1. Is this data reflective of what I/we see in our community?
  2. What stands out, both the positives and negatives?
  3. What factors within the Arlington community do I/we think contribute to these results?
  4. What can I/we do about it? What would you like to see APCYF/Arlington Public Schools/Arlington County Government do about it?