Planning & Development Committee

The Planning & Development (PAD) Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm. All members of APCYF are considered members of the PAD as well. We use this meeting time to further discuss any items that were brought up during the monthly meeting, and also to do some strategic thinking about future meetings and topics.

The Chair of APCYF is also the Chair of PAD.

Planning & Development Committee

About PAD
Statement about what we have been doing in this area. What are our guiding principles in this area?




Reaching the wide community


How APCYF members learn about priorities <>

Our surveys that feed the CR


This is how we share what we’ve learned:

We engage, outreach, back and forth collecting additional info – how we disseminate (Community Engagement Process) and helps us inform our Advocacy Plan

Advocate (Action): SB, CB and potentially State

What have we done in the area of advocacy in this priority area