Resources for Parents & Communication in the Home

Search Institute
Has a great deal around the 40 Developmental Assets and Sparks. Many are resources for sale, but there are also free downloadable materials.

After School Alliance
An advocacy and research organization. Has great data about afterschool programs and needs.

Community Network for Youth Development (CNYD)
Provides a youth development framework , activities, and resources. They also have an online community (seems to be California-based) which also has some online resources.

Forum for Youth Investment
The FYI  includes

National Institute of Out of School Time
Has research as well as resources for program staff.

National Youth Development Information Center
Has interesting youth-produced materials as well as several blogs and newsletters.

Parent Further
Family-oriented, Asset-based resources from Search. Has a great deal of downloadable information that is also helpful to OST programs.

Ready by 21
Uses an asset-based approach, provides training, consultant services to jurisdictions. Very big on creating a ‘youth master plan’ as a way to guide youth development work. Currently working with City of Alexandria.

Team Kids Inc.
Information about an California-based organization that fully incorporates Asset-building into it’s mission. Look for ideas & inspiration!

Youth Development Institute
Has downloadable resources. Much in narrative form, it shares some of their practices for staff support & youth involvement.