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Updated 6/1/20 – We join our community in mourning the devastation of the last few days and weeks; knowing this is not a new problem but one our communities must deal with NOW. Here is some information for parents/caregivers on how to speak with children in an age-appropriate way. We hope you find this useful; if you have more resources, let us know.

Kids sitting together Articles and References:

“What Do We Tell Our Children?” USA Today
Are your kids too young to talk about race? (Hint: NOPE!)
“How to Teach White Kids about Race” The Atlantic
Children’s Community School.org/Social Justice Resources/
SURJ Call-to-Action for White allies
Civil Rights and COVID Response

Arlington Public Schools shared:

Let’s Talk about Race

In 2016-17, APCYF hosted an inter-generational Community Conversation on race and racism called “Let’s Talk about Race.” The goal was to create positive change in Arlington through open, facilitated dialogue focused on increased awareness of self and others in the context of present and past racial realities.

Let’s Talk about Race Participants

A five-part, supported conversation among community participants addressed the following topics:

  • Session 1 Workbook – historical look at racism through federal housing policies and the creation of suburbs;
    • New Deal. Raw Deal’, by Ira Katznelson, the author of “When Affirmative Action was White”
  • Session 2 Workbook
    • Antiracist: Conscious and deliberate behavior that works to reverse disparities cause by institutional racism
  • Session 3 Workbook
    • What it means to be a person of color in a white society:  racial microaggressions and cultural appropriation;

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Tolerance.org/Beyond the Golden Rule.pdf

APSVA.US/diversity-equity-inclusion/equity-resources/ – Arlington Public Schools

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race by Beverly Daniel Tatum

“De-Segregating Arlington Public Schools” Washington Post, 11/3/12

The Partnership worked with organizers of Challenging Racism: Learning How through Stories and Conversations to design and facilitate this conversation. ChallengingRacism.org.
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