Volunteering & Internships: Tips and Links

Be realistic. If your weekdays are packed, find a volunteer activity that you can do on weekends or once a month.

Find opportunities specifically for teens. Non-profits like Arlington Food Assistance Center offer special group projects just for young people.

Organize your own group. Work together with other students to organize and execute volunteer projects on school holidays. Check out www.dosomething.org for help planning.

Find a volunteer activity that fits your skills or interests. Helping others is much easier if you’re doing something you enjoy.

Volunteer with friends or family. Some organizations require students be accompanied by a parent because they don’t have the staff to provide the necessary supervision.

Stick with one or two organizations. Volunteer work can be more rewarding if you take the time to get to know the staff and the cause.

  • It can take several visits or projects to understand how everything works.
  • Most organizations understand you’re busy and will appreciate any time you have to offer.
  • You’ll make more of a difference if you work with the same organizations than if you skip around.


Internship Links

Looking for an internship this summer? Check out these resources:


Help in different ways. Many non-profits need help in the office, especially with organizational projects or computer work. You may see a need for clothes, computers, or sports equipment that others you know can donate.

Additional Volunteering Resources