Job Search Tips

Job interview Check out our five quick job searching tips:

  • Be Brave. Regardless of economic conditions, employers look for the affordable, enthusiastic and energetic help that teenagers provide, but you have to go out and ask for it. Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs.
  • Be Polite. You’re applying for a job; dress up, make eye contact, shake hands firmly and avoid using slang. First impressions matter — make sure you are remembered for your application and not your negative attitude.
  • Be Prepared. Bring a resume and a cover letter whenever you apply for a job. Having a good resume is essential. It shows that you are serious about the position, and that you are mature and responsible.
  • Be Persistent. It would be nice if you were immediately offered every job you apply for, unfortunately this is not the case for anybody. Persistence pays off; send a thank you note to interviewers, follow-up if you do not hear about the job after a week, and keep applying.
  • Be Creative. Look for work in places other than the mall. Find out the type of jobs that are being filled in your area. Your career counselor can help provide this information.  Explore entrepreneurial opportunities. Get a few friends together and start a landscaping or a babysitting business. Working for yourself is a great way to earn money and develop skills that will help you find your next job.


Additional Job Tips and Information