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 Did You Receive a 2nd Real Estate Tax Bill?
The County Board recently discovered an advertising error with the new Stormwater Utility Fee approved by the Board in December 2023.  The Board and their staff acted quickly to remedy this by publishing legally required notices of a June 6 public hearing concerning this same ordinance, and at that hearing, the Board voted to enact the ordinance imposing the Stormwater Utility Fee.

This Board action required the Treasurer to resend the first installment real estate tax bills, which include the Stormwater Utility Fee. There were no changes to the real estate tax or Stormwater Utility Fee amounts as a result of this corrective action.  Customer payments received by June 5 are reflected on the new bills.

The County Board also passed a resolution extending the time to pay until June 26, 2024.  Payments must be received or postmarked by June 26, 2024, to avoid late payment penalty and interest.  If your real estate account is enrolled in our Automatic Bank Debit (ABD) program, your regularly scheduled debit date will not change.  For questions about the Stormwater Utility Fee, please contact the Department of Environmental Services at 703-228-5577 or



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