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October 5 Tax Due Date:
Taxpayer Assistance Program Available

While we are aware of a possible federal government shutdown, unfortunately, the Treasurer has no authority to extend or change the October 5 tax due date for vehicles and real estate.

If you will experience financial difficulty in paying your taxes by October 5, please consider financing the payment of your taxes with a Taxpayer Assistance Program (TAP) loan.  This short-term loan from John Marshall Bank has an up-front origination fee of 7.5% of the amount to be financed and no additional interest.  There is no credit check required.  The loan is guaranteed by the Treasurer’s Office and offers a monthly payment plan.  For additional information, please visit Taxpayer Assistance Program (TAP) and fill out the online form.

If you pay your taxes after the due date, you will be charged a Late Payment Penalty, collection fees, and interest on the unpaid tax balance:

  • Vehicle Taxes

     By law, on October 6, a 10% penalty will be applied to any unpaid vehicle personal property tax balance, and 10% interest will begin accruing.  If the vehicle personal property tax is still unpaid, in whole or in part, 60 days after the payment due date, an additional 15% penalty of the unpaid balance is applied.

  • Real Estate Taxes
    By law, there is a 5% penalty applied to any unpaid real estate tax balance on October 6 and 10% interest will begin accruing.  An additional 5% penalty is applied to the unpaid real estate tax balance thirty days later.





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Please call CAPP Customer Service at 703-228-4000 or email

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Moved, Sold Your Vehicle, Business-Related Taxes & Filing Questions

Please contact the Commissioner of Revenue's Office.