The Treasurer’s responsibilities include:


Collection of Tax and Revenue

By collecting what is owed, the Treasurer helps keep tax bills lower. Therefore the Treasurer and her staff’s responsibilities include:

  1. preparing, mailing and collecting on all bills for real and personal property located in Arlington County;
  2. receiving and processing most other County revenue, such as business taxes and water/sewer bills; and
  3. pursuing the collection of all delinquent taxes and fees owed to the County.

Today, every 1% increase in the tax delinquency rate would result in a shortfall of approximately $8.55 million dollars. Since 1984, the delinquency rate has declined dramatically from 9.04% to the current rate of 0.17%, the lowest in Arlington’s history, the lowest in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and possibly the lowest in the United States. This decline has saved taxpaying Arlingtonians hundreds of millions of dollars.

Investments & Cash Management

The Treasurer safeguards the County’s financial resources, which helps to maintain Arlington County’s Aaa/AAA/AAA rating. Incorporating the principles of Safety, Liquidity and Yield (SLY) in that order, the Treasurer’s Investment policy has earned Arlington County one of the highest rates of return on investment by local governments in the Commonwealth of Virginia, while maintaining the safety of County funds which are available when needed.

The Treasurer:

  1. oversees an effective cash management program for Arlington and its agencies;
  2. makes all disbursements for the County;
  3. manages the County’s banking relationships; and
  4. safeguards the County’s financial resources.

You may view the Current Investment Report, Chart and Investments per Month, the Treasurer’s Investment Policy and Finance Board Reports 

Customer Service

Since the Treasurer’s office often serves as the face of the County to its citizens, it is the Treasurer’s job to make this interaction as pleasant and convenient as possible.  The office receives approximately 100,000 phones calls and responds to more than 11,000 emails every year.  The Treasurer believes in the importance of collaboration with the citizens of Arlington County in the search for new ways to provide exceptional customer service.