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Press Release: Sheriff Quiroz announces new Chief Deputy(PDF, 1MB)

Announcement: Arlington County Detention Facility's change to Postal Mail procedures, effective 02/01/2023(PDF, 175KB)

Please Read: Alert for residents on current warrant phone scams(DOCX, 18KB)


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The Arlington County Detention Facility will be rolling out Video Visitation for Friends and Family over a two week period beginning Tuesday, October 4th. 

Click on the banner below and sign up under  “Remote Video”.

Important Information:

  • The Securus system will ask for your credit card information but video visits with the inmates in Arlington County are FREE at this time.  
  • Please note that this may change in the future, but any change in cost for remote video visitation will be announced at least 30 days ahead of time.
  • All technical support or account questions for remote video visitation are handled by the vendor, Securus.  The Arlington County Sheriff’s Office is unable to provide tech support to the users of the system.
  • Inmates are currently allowed 2 video visits per week.
  • All video visits with friends and family are monitored and recorded.
  • Video Visits may be immediately terminated due to operational issues or emergencies.
  • Visits are 20 minutes in length.  The visitation timer starts at the time of the scheduled visit.
  • Video Visitation for Attorneys will be announced in the near future.

There are videos with instructions on how to register as a visitor, how to sign up for remote access, and how to schedule a remote session located at:




Arlington County Detention Center Implements New Security Measure


Arthur Dorsey Scanner

Sheriff Arthur Announces New Full Body Scanner at Detention Center


A new security measure that will help prevent the smuggling of prohibited items into the Arlington County Detention Center by people who are arrested is now in use at the Arlington County Detention Center. The scanner is designed to locate drugs, paraphernalia, and weapons that an individual may hide on their person or in a body cavity. It will complement existing security measures, such as pat searches


Arlington County Sheriff's Office salutes 150 years of service to community


The Arlington County Sheriffs’ Office commemorated their 150th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of the Arlington County Detention Facility on May 7,2019.

Pet Therapy for Inmates? Arlington is Trying It.


 Inmate Pet Therapy

The Arlington County Sheriff's Office, along with the Department of Health Services (DHS) partners with DC-based non-profit People. Animals. Love. (PAL)


Five furry four-legged visitors were the latest creative approach by the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office to reduce reoffending among inmates. And this program had an extra layer of meaning because it came from the inmates themselves.


Progressive Voice: Strengthening Transition into the Community after Incarceration


Sheriff Beth Arthur

Sheriff Arthur pins an insightful op-ed on the importance of re-entry programs for incarcerated individuals


Sheriff Arthur pins an insightful op-ed to ARL Now on the importance of re-entry programs for incarcerated individuals. The op-ed describes in detail the re-entry/transition programs offered by the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office for the betterment of their inmate population.