Reentry Committee

Arlington County Reentry Program

Inmates returning to the community face many challenges. Those who have difficulty adjusting often re-offend.

The Arlington County Reentry Committee assists incarcerated individuals with supportive services so they may easily transition from jail to the community and sustain a life that will not lead to recidivism. These services are also made available to their families.

Some of the services provided by the program include
     •  Identification cards
     •  Mental Health Services
     •  Substance Abuse Services
     •  Shelter Placement
     •  Job Placement

Contact Information
Reentry Case Manager S. Lewis
1425 North Courthouse Road
Arlington, VA 22201


ACRC reentry services include a full array of jail and community-based assistance aimed at helping inmates become full participants in community. Assisting with life following incarceration or other criminal justice involvement.

Services include:
     •   Screening
     •   Pre-release planning
     •   Education and Training
     •   Case Management


The ARCR can help meet your needs if you:

     • Are an Arlington County Resident
     • Homeless
     • Have been sentenced

If an inmate meets the above criteria he or she can speak with their Inmate Service Counselor about the program and obtain assistance with a discharge plan.

Phases to Reentry
Phase 1: Screening and Assessment to determine if placement in the program is appropriate
Phase 2: ARCA Meeting and Treatment Referrals. Attend regularly scheduled programs prior to being released. The Reentry Coordinator checks to insure the appropriate agency referral has been made.
Phase 3: Follow up and release from the facility. Prior to release the discharge plan will be reviewed.