Inmate Work Program

The Sheriff’s Office provides work opportunities and employment training for inmates to aid in their rehabilitation. Inmates assigned to full-time workforce positions are compensated by payment, other privileges (approved by the Director of Corrections), or under certain sentence guidelines, credited days off their sentence. The Inmate work programs allow inmates to gain meaningful experience and marketable vocational skills to strengthen their work ethic and self-esteem which are necessary for returning to the community.

Inmates who are interested in workforce programs are screened by their Case Manager through an application process. To be considered for positions, they must satisfactorily complete the application process and qualify based on set criteria. Final placements are decided by a workforce committee that consists of the Workforce Coordinator, Case Manager, and a Deputy. Inmate Workers must adhere to the rules of conduct, violations are grounds for automatic dismissal.

Inmate Workforce Programs: 

  • Develops Vocational Skills & Work Ethic
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Assists Inmates with Paying Court Fines/Fees
  • Develops Self-Esteem & Self Efficacy
  • Decreases Recidivism
  • Improves Social Reintegration back into the Community

Examples of the Sheriff’s Office Workforce Program

Detention Facility Workforce

The Detention Facility Workforce Program consists of full-time and part-time employment opportunities to include:

  • Meal services
  • Custodial maintenance
  • Laundry Assistant
  • Commissary Assistant
  • Law Library Assistant
  • Hair Care Assistant
  • Housing Unit:  Laundry, Food Service, and Custodial Maintenance positions
  • Education Assistant
  • Religious Programs Assistant
  • Kitchen Worker

Alternative Programs 

The Inmate Work Program (IWP) employs non- violent, low-risk inmates to work on crews inside and outside the facility.  Full time and part-time employment opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Community Clean-Up Projects
  • Snow Removal
  • Painting
  • Collecting Recycling Inside & Outside the facility
  • Delivering Print Shop Orders
  • Detention Facility Clean Up
  • Landscaping
  • Special Projects
  •  Preparation for County Events

Community Work Program 

The Sheriff’s Community Work program is a court-ordered program that allows offenders to pay off financial obligations to the courts.  The program has provided labor service to the Arlington County community for over 20 years and is a successful alternative to incarceration.

Work Release Program 

The Sheriff’s Office Work Release program provides intensive community-based supervision on the job site for qualifying in-custody inmates. Inmates interested in this program must go through an application process and meet strict criteria.