Police Exam

Candidates must take the Police Entrance Exam in order to move forward with the hiring process. Applicants who meet the Department’s hiring criteria will be eligible to schedule their Police Entrance Exam (Written Test). If you have not received any information on scheduling your exam within two weeks of submitting your application, email the Personnel and Recruitment Unit.

If you wish to be considered for the winter Academy, it is recommended you apply and test between April and September. If you would prefer to be considered for the summer Academy, it is recommended you apply and test between October and March. Applicants are hired at any point throughout the year, prior to the Academy start date.

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About the Police Entrance Exam

Candidates must take the PSI Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery Assessment, administered by PSI, which is commonly referred to as the Police Entrance Exam. The Exam Guide provides candidates with information on how to access a sample test and a preparation guide for the written exam. 

View the Exam Guide and Sample Exam(PDF, 282KB)

What’s Next

Once applicants have successfully completed the initial exam, they will advance through the remaining steps of the hiring process. If applicants receive a probationary offer of employment, they will then begin their academy training with the next available session. Our recruits attend the Northern Virginia Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy (NVCJA) in Ashburn, Va.

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