Police Exam

After applying for the position of Police Officer, vetted applicants will receive an emailed invitation from eSOPH to complete their background investigation documents. Upon submission of a completed profile, a background investigator will review the information and may then invite the applicant to take the Law Enforcement Written Exam through the National Testing Network. If you have not received any communication from your background investigator within two weeks of submitting your application, email the Personnel and Recruitment Unit.

If you wish to be considered for the winter Academy, it is recommended you apply and test between April and September. If you would prefer to be considered for the summer Academy, it is recommended you apply and test between October and March. Applicants are hired at any point throughout the year, prior to the Academy start date.

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About the Police Entrance Exam

Candidates must successfully pass the National Testing Network (NTN) Law Enforcement Exam in order to advance through the remaining steps of the hiring process. Candidates who have successfully completed the NTN Law Enforcement Exam for another agency within the past year may share their scores with ACPD. Those who have not yet taken the exam, will receive a voucher from their background investigator to take the exam at no cost to themselves. Applicants who do not pass the test on the first try may re-take the test in three (3) months. If an applicant is unable to pass the test on the second attempt, they will be invited to reapply in one year.

The NTN Law Enforcement Exam consists of several parts. The proctored portion involves reading, writing, and video testing formats. The non-proctored portion is a Public Safety Self-Assessment. The exam can be taken virtually, or at one of many locations nationwide. To learn more about testing options and opportunities to practice, please refer to this website: Public Safety Careers | Firefighter Jobs | Police Officer Jobs | National Testing Network

What’s Next

Once applicants have successfully completed the Law Enforcement Exam, they will advance through the remaining steps of the hiring process. If applicants receive a probationary offer of employment, they will then begin their academy training with the next available session. Our recruits attend the Northern Virginia Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy (NVCJA) in Ashburn, Va.

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