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The Arlington County Police Department seeks qualified police officers to join our team of dedicated sworn and civilian employees as a lateral transfer. We serve a diverse, urban and engaged community with an emphasis on community policing and problem solving, in support of the Department’s key initiatives: community engagement, transportation safety, and crime prevention and control.  

Joining our team as a law enforcement officer has unique benefits and provides challenging opportunities.

Position Highlights

  • Hiring bonus up to $25,000
  • Lateral officers may be eligible for a higher pay grade. All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and salaries are commensurate with prior law enforcement experience (including military law enforcement) up to 10 years with a maximum starting salary of $87,789. All lateral officers must successfully pass the one-year probationary period after completion of Field Training.
  • 25 Year Retirement (No Age Limit)
  • Patrol officers work the equivalent of a 37.5 hour work week with 4 and 5 days off at a time

Becoming a Lateral Officer with the Arlington County Police Department

All active, local, state and federal law enforcement officers, excluding Military Police Officers, are exempt from taking the police entrance exam.

A Virginia lateral transfer officer is someone that is already a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Certified Law Enforcement Officer.

Upon being hired, all certified officers from outside of Virginia, depending on years of experience, may need to complete either a modified or basic academy for Virginia Certification. The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) has instituted a modified academy, called the Option 5 Out-of-State Lateral Program, for officers transferring to Virginia. To participate in the Option 5 academy, applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements set forth by DCJS.

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Equal Opportunity Employer The Arlington County Police Department makes every effort to recruit qualified individuals from all backgrounds to serve our unique community. We are proud of the diversity across all positions and ranks within ACPD.