Arlington red light camera

PhotoRED is Arlington’s red light enforcement program that uses red light cameras to:

  • improve driver compliance with traffic signals
  • monitor red light violations
  • reduce the risks involved in the red light violation enforcement of large intersections

Map of PhotoRED Locations in Arlington County

How PhotoRED Works

  • Within 500 feet of a red light camera intersection, you’ll see photo-enforced signs reminding drivers to comply with the traffic signal.
  • If you enter the intersection after the light has turned red for one-half of a second, your vehicle will be photographed three times, along with a 12-second video capturing your vehicle in motion, by a camera system using traffic-light wiring and roadway sensors.
    • The first photo is the stop bar to show the light was red prior to your vehicle entering the intersection.
    • The second photo is your vehicle’s license plate for identification purposes.
    • The third photo shows your vehicle proceeding through the intersection on a red light.
  • Using this photographic documentation as evidence of your red light violation, the police department will issue you a $50 fine for the violation, which will be mailed to you.
  • The photographic and video evidence of the violation will be available for review and inspection by the registered owner or driver of the vehicle.

PhotoRED Fines

  • A photo-enforced red light moving violation is a $50.00 fine.
  • The violation is a civil offense and does not correlate to any driver license points or insurance implications—by law, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and insurance companies cannot be notified of the offense.
  • The violation does not affect drivers on court or DMV probation.
  • If you were the vehicle’s driver during the red light moving violation, you are liable for the fine. There is a legal presumption the vehicle’s registered owner, lessee or renter was the person who committed the violation. You can challenge this presumption by affidavit or testimony under oath in open court if you are the vehicle's authorized owner, lessee or renter but were not driving the vehicle during the violation.

Paying or Contesting PhotoRED Fines

  • Review the violation notice received in the mail, which includes three photographs of your vehicle.
  • View your violation images and video and pay for your violation at Violation Info.
  • Request a court date for the evidence to be heard in the Arlington County General District Traffic Court. The PhotoRED office will make the court arrangements.

PhotoRED Intersections

Although Arlington can legally monitor a total of 1 intersection per 10,000 residents, according to Virginia Code, 9 intersections currently use PhotoRED cameras:

  • NB N. Glebe Road at N. Fairfax Drive
  • NB N. Lynn Street at EB Langston Boulevard
  • WB Washington Boulevard at Langston Boulevard
  • SB Fort Myer Drive at WB Langston Boulevard
  • EB Columbia Pike at S. George Mason Drive
  • NB Richmond Highway at 23rd Street S.
  • SB Richmond Highway at 23rd Street S. (through traffic)
  • Richmond Highway at 23rd Street S. left hand turn lane
  • EB Columbia Pike at S. Glebe Road
  • WB Columbia Pike at S. Glebe Road
  • NB N. Glebe Road at Washington Boulevard
  • WB Langston Boulevard at N. George Mason Drive 

When examining an intersection for PhotoRED use, the County factors in the following:

  • Crash rate
  • Red light violation rate
  • Ability of police to apprehend violators safely within a reasonable distance from the violation
  • Pedestrian safety