Pedestrian Safety

General Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Look both ways before stepping off a curb.
  • Whenever possible, cross a street in a designated crosswalk.
  • If there’s no sidewalk, always walk facing oncoming traffic.
  • If walking at night, wear light-colored clothing or reflective tape so you’re more visible to other travelers.
  • Be aware that drivers may be blinded by sunlight or by the headlights of oncoming traffic. Never assume that a driver sees you!
  • When walking with children, always grasp their hands firmly to ensure they don’t break away and dart into traffic.
  • If you’re not sure you have enough time to get across the street before the light changes, wait for a “fresh” green light or walk signal, as it will give you the most time to cross.

Pedestrian Safety Law

Virginia Code § 46.2-924, Drivers to Stop for Pedestrians