Youth Outreach Unit

Photo of police officer coloring with chalk with children

The Youth Outreach Unit (YOU) works to proactively engage youth in the Arlington through community-based outreach strategies that focus on education and relationship-building, and encourage positive youth development. The YOU also identifies trends in juvenile-involved crime, provides supplemental investigative support, and works to develop effective prevention and mitigation strategies to address crime and quality of life issues involving youth. Youth Outreach Officers work  collaboratively with other County agencies, including the courts system, and community organizations that work with youth to engage with them through community-based activities and programs.  

Meet the Youth Outreach Unit(PDF, 241KB)

Youth Outreach Unit C.O.R.E. Functions
  • Coaching - Providing guidance and mentorship through instruction as a coach.
  • Outreach - Expanding meaningful connections to the youth in our communities through activities, programs and service. 
  • Resources - Providing youth-centric safety, preventative and educational awareness information; connecting community members with a variety of resources available through various Arlington County stakeholders. 
  • Education - Instructing youth, parents, and community members on youth-centric topics, in partnership with various local and national programs. 

Youth Outreach Programs

Know Your Rights

The Know Your Rights curriculum is designed to educate Arlington youth about Virginia laws and help them develop skills needed to make sound decisions, to avoid breaking laws and to become active members within their community. Participants in Know Your Rights can expect to engage in guided conversations on a range of topics including, but not limited to, Drugs, Opioids, Alcohol, Dating Violence and Criminal and Civil Law Basics. Topics are presented by officers and are open to youth and their guardians. Additionally, the curriculum is available for presentation to groups who are new to Virginia and anyone wanting to learn more about Virginia laws and the justice system. For more information and resources, visit Virginia RULES.

Mentorship Activities

Members of the Youth Outreach Unit regularly attend school lunch periods, after school programs with the Department of Parks and Recreation and non profit community members, serve as sports coaches, and participate in rock climbing events with Reaching New Heights. Through these activities, they develop meaningful and lasting relationships with Arlington youth, while also serving as role models, mentors, and trusted figures.


Since 2001 radKIDS® 501c3, has become the National Leader in Children’s Safety Education. Empowering children and parents with a revolutionary skill-based curriculum, that strengthens children personal boundaries and parental confidence. Replacing fear with knowledge, skill, and power, by enhancing a child’s critical thinking abilities and physical resistance skills, our programs provide the opportunity for children to recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary escape violence or harm while remaining joyful and safer in our world today.



Summer Safety Patrol Camp

Safety Patrol Camp is a five-day summer camp for rising Arlington County 5th grade students. Safety Patrol Camp is for those students who would like to be Safety Patrols for the upcoming school year. Children attending this camp receive instruction on their patrol responsibilities, participate in group activities, meet special guests from the police department, and complete fun crafts.

Teen Police Academy

The Teen Police Academy is a five-day academy for rising 10th – 12th graders who live in or attend school in Arlington County who want to explore a career in law enforcement. Through classroom presentations, hands-on learning, scenario training, and field trips, the Teen Police Academy will educate participants about a career in law enforcement, while also giving them a better understanding of how the police department operates and its role in the community. Participants can ask questions of presenters and share their insights throughout the program.  


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