Arlington Restaurant Initiative

We recognize the Coronavirus outbreak is a unique challenge for businesses, bringing forth much uncertainty in the industry. We’re sharing helpful information for restaurant and bar owners to guide them as they navigate the Coronavirus outbreak. 

About the Program

In an effort to increase safety for citizens and to provide restaurant owners and staff, as well as special event staff, with resources to maximize their safety and viability, the Arlington County Police Department has partnered with County agencies to establish the Arlington Restaurant Initiative (ARI). The goal of ARI is to raise the standards of restaurants that serve alcohol, streamline processes within the County Government and maintain Arlington County as a safe destination for nightlife and entertainment.

Benefits of Participation

ARI was developed to increase the overall safety of customers, businesses and neighborhood residents in areas with nightlife and entertainment. Through a collaborative approach between government agencies and businesses, Arlington County will improve the strategies and standards of establishments serving alcohol while building positive community relations, reducing crime and recognizing responsible businesses.

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Arlington Restaurant Initiative

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