ARI Training

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Police officers, fire marshals, and employees of Arlington County provide training to restaurant staff on effective practices to improve patron safety and promote compliance with the law. Types of training include:

  • Narcan - Arlington Addiction Recovery Initiative staff provide Narcan training to restaurant staff. All staff that participate in the training receive their own Narcan, as well as the establishment. 
  • Fake identification detection and deterrence – Arlington County Police teach restaurant staff how to identify fake identifications and what types of identifications are acceptable in Virginia.
  • De-escalation techniques for staff – Restaurant and security staff are taught how to de-escalate situations and when to call the police.
  • Public safety expectations and procedures if a crime occurs – Restaurant staff are taught how to preserve evidence and witnesses, in the event a crime occurs in their establishment, so that they can best assist police in preserving evidence and identifying witnesses.
  • Fire safety and occupancy – Restaurant management is provided with information and suggestions on how to maintain egress, patron occupancy and line maintenance to remain in compliance with fire code and occupancy regulations.
  • Hands only CPR Arlington County Fire Department/Hands2Hearts-Virginia Hospital Center – Staff are taught when and how to administer hands-only CPR through Hands2Hearts, a potentially lifesaving skill, through a joint program between the Fire Department and Virginia Hospital Center.
  • Bar Bystander Program – Intervention training to reduce sexual and domestic assault – The Commonwealth’s Attorney Office Victim-Witness Program and Doorways staff provide sexual intervention training to intervene in situations where patrons may need help. The Ask for Angela – sexual violence prevention campaign(PDF, 771KB)  is one component of this training. 
  • Compliance with food safety regulations –  Staff from Arlington County Public Health review best practices for basic food handling and safety for staff.
  • Assistance meeting zoning ordinances – Restaurant staff are advised of zoning regulations and the County noise ordinance to ensure compliance.
  • Active shooter training – Arlington County Police provide instruction on how to react in the event of an active shooter situation and how they can aid the public safety response.

Training is held frequently at locations throughout the County and is open to all restaurants and staff, regardless of accreditation status. Email the Restaurant Liaison to inquire about future training opportunities.