PhotoRED is Arlington’s red-light enforcement program that uses cameras to:

  • improve driver compliance with traffic signalsRed-Light-Camera.jpg
  • monitor red-light violations
  • enhance the safety of other travelers including pedestrians, cyclists and shared mobility device operators
  • reduce the risks involved in the red-light violation enforcement of large intersections
  • support the department's key initiative of transportation safety by using technology to reduce traffic-related collisions and injuries

Map of PhotoRED Locations in Arlington County

How PhotoRED Works

  • There are photo-enforcement signs posts within 500 feet of camera enforced intersections.
  • The camera is activated when a vehicle enters the intersection after the light turns red. There is a half second grace period after the light changes before violations are issued.
  • The camera system uses lidar technology to record a 12 second video clip, as well as 3 photographs.
    • Photo 1: The vehicle before it enters the intersection.
    • Photo 2: The vehicle license plate.
    • Photo 3: The vehicle after it enters the intersection.
  • The documentation will be reviewed and if a violation occurred, the police department will issue a $50 fine to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • The evidence is available at for review by the registered owner or the driver.

PhotoRED Fines

  • A photo-enforced red light moving violation is a $50.00 fine.
  • It does not add driver license points or insurance implications—the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and insurance companies cannot be notified of the violation.
  • The violation does not affect drivers on court or DMV probation.
  • The driver of the vehicle is liable for the violation. The registered owner, lessee or renter is presumed to be the driver of the vehicle, unless challenged by affidavit or contested in court. 

Paying or Contesting PhotoRED Fines

  • Step 1: Review the violation notice received in the mail, which includes three photographs of your vehicle.
  • Step 2: Go to and review the video of your violation.
  • Step 3: Decide if you want to pay the violation or request a court date to contest it.
  • Step 4a: Pay online at, call 1-866-790-4111 or mail a check or money order (see directions on the back of the violation).
  • Step 4b: Request a court date for the evidence to be heard in the Arlington County General District Traffic Court by mailing in the hearing request on the back of the violation. The PhotoRED office will make the court arrangements.

PhotoRED Intersections

Since its inception in 2010 and first expansion in 2015, the following intersections use PhotoRED cameras:

  • EB and WB Columbia Pike at S. Glebe Road
  • NB Glebe Road at N. Fairfax Drive
  • NB Glebe Road at Washington Boulevard
  • NB Lynn Street at EB Langston Boulevard
  • SB Fort Myer Drive at WB Langston Boulevard
  • SB and NB Richmond Highway at 23rd Street S.
  • WB Washington Boulevard at Langston Boulevard

A second expansion beginning in July 2024 will add 11 additional cameras at six intersections.

  • EB and WB Columbia Pike at Washington Boulevard
  • WB Langston Boulevard at N. Spout Run Parkway and SB N. Spout Run Parkway at Langston Boulevard
  • EB and WB 10th Street N. at N. Barton Street
  • WB Langston Boulevard at N. Lynn Street
  • WB Wilson Boulevard at N. Lynn Street and NB N. Lynn Street at Wilson Boulevard
  • WB Langston Boulevard at EB I-66 Exit 72 Offramp

The intersections are chosen based on Virginia code §15.2-968.1 and the following factors are considered: 

  • Crash rate
  • Red-light violation rate
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Difficulty in conducting enforcement at the location through traditional methods