Tennis Class FAQs

We look forward to teaching everyone about tennis in Arlington County. Please read below on some frequently asked questions about our class program.

How do I register?

You can register for tennis classes online. Once on the page, you will find a link to tennis on the right sidebar. Click that and scroll through all the tennis options. If you need help registering, please contact our registration staff at 703-228-4747.

What class should I register for?

Check out our class description page to figure out the best class for you.

What if I forgot what I am registered for?

If you forgot what you signed up for you can either log into your account online or contact our registration staff at 703-228-4747.

What should I bring to class?

Please bring the following to class with you:

  • WATER – Please bring at least one water bottle with you to class. It may not hurt to have an extra bottle (or two) once it gets warm out.
  • Racket – please ask our instructors at your class if you have any questions about an appropriate racket, especially if you are about to buy a new one
  • Good shoes and appropriate clothes – no street shoes or sandals please
  • Optional: Towel, additional clothes (e.g., sweatshirt/jacket) for classes that might get chilly

What cancels a class for inclement weather?

We run all our lessons on some great outdoor courts, but this does make us dependent on weather. Should a class be cancelled for weather, we will provide you with class credits at the end of the session/season. On occasion we try to provide make-ups if time permits. Classes are cancelled for the following reasons:

  • Wet Courts/Rain – Safety is our main concern here, even if it is not currently raining, if the courts are slippery it’s not worth the risk of injury
  • Thunder/Lightning – We will postpone if we can, but we cannot play when it is thundering or lightning, even if there is no rain.
  • HEAT – The courts are even hotter than the air, therefore, in the event of a HEAT ADVISORY or RED Alert, we will have to cancel classes. Our coaches use the national weather service and to determine the heat level. Regardless of whether we cancel or not, please use your best judgment on your participation. We want you to be safe and have a fun time, but please keep in mind your own tolerance to the heat.

How will I be notified if a class cancels for inclement weather?

When we cancel a class due to weather a coach will call you prior. They will call you on the number you provide them the first day of class, so please provide a number we can reach you at. Note, not all of our coaches have 703 or 571 numbers, so be aware they may call you from a different area code number. If it rains the first week, they will contact you on the number you registered. If a class is cancelled because of snow, we will send an email in the morning.

When will I get my cancelled class credits?

We issue household credits for cancelled classes after the entire session has concluded. Please allow a few weeks after the conclusion of your class for a credit. You will receive an automated email with the amount in your household account.