Code of Conduct

The Department of Parks and Recreation Customer Code of Conduct can be found here: Customer Code of Conduct.  With a goal to encourage “Positive Participation at all Times”, DPR Sports Programs have specific codes of conduct for parents/guardians, coaches, and players.


Recognizing that parents/guardians are the most important role models for their children, DPR asks all parents/guardians to abide by the Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct, which can be found here: Code of Conduct – Parents

Ten tips for sport parents poster(JPG, 1MB)


Coaches are role models for not only their team members but all participants involved in the league.  DPR asks all coaches to abide by the Coaches Code of Conduct, which can be found here: Code of Conduct – Coaches


All players are expected to abide by the following code of conduct to stay in good standing:

  1. Respect the game, play fairly, and follow its rules and regulations.
  2. Show respect for authority to the game officials and league employees.
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after games.
  4. Be courteous to opposing teams and treat all players with respect.
  5. Be modest when successful and gracious in defeat.
  6. Respect the privilege of the use of public facilities.
  7. Refrain from the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and abusive language.
  8. Teams are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators.