Outdoor Athletic Courts Current and Future Uses

Published on November 03, 2021

people playing pickleball

As Arlington’s population continues to grow and sports trends change, the Department of Parks and Recreation reviews community interests and needs. The recent Public Spaces Master Plan suggests that the County look into addressing the growing interest in pickleball. The following presentation is an overview of outdoor courts and their uses in Arlington. It discusses recent trends and strategies to accommodate these trends.

The presentation is followed by a request for community feedback to help inform court uses in Arlington. Help us learn more about the sports you play, where you play them and the amenities you look for. Your input will help us:

  1. Gain a better understanding of the uses of existing outdoor athletic courts.
  2. How to best apply the equity resolution to the use of outdoor courts in Arlington.
  3. Better understand the need for pickleball courts.
  4. Develop criteria and identify amenities to determine for single-use to multi-use.

Identify potential conflicts with converting single-use courts to multi-use courts. 

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