Arlington, DC Region Impresses in 2022 City Nature Challenge

Published on May 12, 2022

6 red fox kits.JPG

With 445 cities participating, representing 47 countries, this year's City Nature Challenge was another successful global citizen science event.

64,095 people contributed, making 1,568,469 observations of 50,167 different species. While this year (like the previous two years) was not seen as a worldwide competition, La Paz would have won, with 137,374 observations made by 4,305 people, finding 4,388 species. That said, our region did extremely well. 

Had this been a competition, the DC region would have placed:

  • 1st for number of identifiers with 1,013. 
  • 2nd with 2,110 people participating making observations. 
  • 5th in the number of observations with 38,148 observations.
  • 7th in number of species with 2,576 species.

Locally in Arlington, which falls into the DC count circle, there were 140 observers, who made 4,252 observations of 924 species, with 324 identifiers. 

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View the stats below:

CNC 2022 Overall Rankings (002).png

CNC 2022 results infographic .png