County Fair Relocation FAQs

Why does the Arlington County Fair want to move from TJ? 

Coming soon.

Who manages the Arlington County Fair?

The Arlington County Fair is managed by the Arlington County Fair Board, a private, nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. The Arlington County Fair Board is a working board made up of up to 20 individuals dedicated to planning and executing the Arlington County Fair every year.

How are special events approved in Arlington?

A committee of subject matter experts within the County as well as regional transportation staff review Special Event Permit applications from event organizers who want to hold a special event in Arlington. Special Event Permits are needed to host organized outdoor special events that draw a crowd, include alcohol or require street closures, and indoor public events that require police support.

What is the special event application process?

  • Special events organizers complete a Special Event Permit For new or complex events, event organizers contact the Office of Special Events prior to submitting an application to discuss ideas and develop a plan.
  • Event dates and locations are approved based on the availability of County resources to support the event. If County services are needed but unavailable, the County will work with the Event Organizer to select alternate times or dates.
  • Special Event Permits will be issued upon receipt and review of the application and all necessary permits, licenses, and payment of fees.
  • Depending on the size and type of event, the event organizer may need to attend a meeting with the Special Events Committee to review the Special Event application. Meetings are once a month.

Why is the community being asked for input in regard to the County Fair’s desire to relocate?

Generally, Arlington County does not ask for community input to review a special event request.  However, the Fair has been held at Thomas Jefferson Park for 45 years. As such an iconic event, Arlington County wants to hear from the community regarding their thoughts on the Fair’s location. Feedback from the community will be one of many factors considered.

Why is the community only sharing input on two possible sites?

The Fair has been held at Thomas Jefferson Park for 45 years.  As such an iconic event, a Site Review Committee comprised of subject matter experts from the Special Events Committee reviewed eight possible sites for the County Fair, including the fair’s current location and Long Bridge Park.  The most feasible options based on 21 event needs, such as location size, parking, and community impact, were to either remain at Thomas Jefferson Community Center and Park or move to Long Bridge Park (not inside the aquatics facility).

Who will make the final decision as to where the County Fair is held?

The location of the Fair will be reviewed by the County Special Events Committee and County leadership, in coordination with the Arlington County Fair Board, to determine the best location for the Fair in 2022 and beyond.