Outdoor Tracks


There are three outdoor tracks open for community use in Arlington County. Hours vary depending on scheduled events, so always check ahead.

Learn more about the indoor track at Thomas Jefferson Community and Fitness Center.


  • Any person, group or organization offering classes, clinics or other instruction in Arlington County facilities must have a current contract with the County.
  • The Greenbrier Park Track is only closed during high school varsity football and lacrosse games; any district, regional and state tournaments; track meets and County sponsored special events.
  • Lights are only used for events scheduled on a field.
  • Wakefield Stadium Track and  Washington-Liberty High School (War Memorial Stadium) Track are closed during all high school games; track meets; district, regional and state tournaments; and county-sponsored events in the stadiums.
  • Running groups should contact the Facilities Scheduling Office to arrange use of various tracks to minimize impact on others.
  • Running groups will not be permitted on the tracks while High School games are taking place on the field.  Warm-ups for such events are included within the announced game closure.

For Questions please contact Facilities Scheduling Office or 703-228-4747