Penrose Square

Penrose Square

Penrose square is approximately 0.4 acres and is a great place to relax in an urban environment that has a tree terrace with movable tables and chairs.

A massive two-piece sculpture adorns the space. The unique sculpture, Echo, was created by Richard Deutsch. This piece was inspired by the Three Sisters Radio Towers, formerly located near Columbia Pike and Courthouse Road. Built in 1913 by the Navy as cutting-edge technology, the Towers broadcasted the first trans-Atlantic radio signal in 1915, connecting Arlington to the Eiffel Tower. The concave elliptical parabolas carved into each granite monolith reflect and project sound, allowing words spoken into one stone to be heard by listeners at the other. Echo provides a modern interpretation of Arlington’s significant contribution to the history of communication.

Sustainable features include a Biofiltration system underneath the tree terrace for storm water runoff filtration and for enhancement of tree root growth. The interactive water feature utilizes a water recirculation system to conserve the use of water at the site. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, enjoy playing in the water feature (hours are 7 a.m.-10 p.m. daily except Wednesdays, which it is closed for maintenance).

The community also holds special events in the square, including outdoor movies and dance presentations.

View the Penrose Square Master Plan.

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Parking: Limited

Park Maintenance: 703-228-6525
TTY: 711
Inclement Weather Line: 703-228-4715

Learn Park Rules and Regulations. And remember, please don't smoke in our parks.


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